December 12, 2019

Relocating to Colorado Springs? 4 reasons why you made the right choice

Relocating to Colorado Springs

Whether you’re moving for a job, for school, or just for a new experience, relocating to Colorado Springs is as natural and exciting as a day spent exploring the Rocky Mountains. Expected to become Colorado’s largest city by 2050, Colorado Springs has everything you need to get settled – and get going – in the No. 1 Most Desirable Place to Live and the No. 3 overall Best Place to Live in America. Looking to make the jump to a distinctly higher quality of life? Here are four reasons why Colorado Springs is the perfect place to land.

1. Housing and new developments

From historic bungalows in Old Colorado City, to homes with acreage in the rolling plains east of the city, the Pikes Peak region offers a diverse range of housing options to choose from in one of the most affordable housing markets in the state.

Recent developments have made relocating to Colorado Springs even more attractive, and the city’s housing market ranks as one of the hottest in the nation due to strong demand from millennial buyers.

2. Life at the edge of the Rockies

At an elevation of 6,000 feet, Colorado Springs offers a high density of opportunities for adventure seekers and nature lovers to fuse work and play into a unique lifestyle no matter the season.

We are a passionate bunch who explore the landscape’s rich offering of outdoor activities with the same energy that drives us to pursue business opportunities. Furthermore, the Pikes Peak region’s ideal temperate climate has led to people relocating to Colorado Springs since the late 19th century. Looking to transition from the office to the trail in 20-minutes or less? Colorado Springs is your spot.

3. City vibes with less traffic and a home-town feel

Relocating to Colorado Springs means choosing to live in the best of both worlds: we get the undeniable energy of a major urban hub, minus the typical drawbacks of exorbitant prices and heavy congestion. While Colorado Springs is a growing city with a thriving housing market, it also remains a remarkably affordable option compared with other large U.S. cities.

Effortless mobility is another key trait that defines Colorado Springs. Local employees have a 20-minute average commute to and from work – far below the national average of 27 minutes. The region is home to the award-winning Colorado Springs Airport, and the Denver International Airport is only 90 minutes away.

4. Great school system for any age

Lastly, Colorado Springs boasts one of the most highly educated populations in the country, thanks to a top-notch education system that spans across all ages and a variety of institutions.

From liberal arts universities and technical colleges to national military institutions, Colorado Springs attracts and retains highly skilled talent. More than 65% of graduates from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs stay in the state post-graduation, culminating in an authentic display of how Colorado Springs’ education system benefits the local economy.

Relocating to Colorado Springs has never been easier

From affordable housing to backcountry mountain biking, Colorado Springs has a plethora of resources and benefits available to help you move, start a business, or enroll with a local school in the region as naturally as possible. As we approach the New Year, we want to help you find the perfect place to forge a new you with all new experiences.