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The Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC believes in the power of a collective voice. We work on your behalf to remove barriers to business, saving you money, time, and red-tape headaches. By prioritizing business owner needs, the Chamber & EDC protects our economy and increases resources available to you to grow and thrive in your work.

Our Results

This year, more than 702 bills were introduced during the state legislative session, many affecting your bottom line and how you run your business. The Chamber & EDC advocates on your behalf, engaging with lawmakers and partners across the state to seek a positive business climate that allows Pikes Peak region businesses to grow and thrive, and secure a strong state economy.

Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC
2024 Legislative Session Overview
Prepared by: Joan Andrew Green Turner

This year the Chamber reviewed and took positions on 97 bills. Those positions being support, oppose, amend, monitor or deliberating.


A couple of items should be noted.

The Chamber took a support position on SB 160 – Non-Economic Damages Cap Medical Malpractice Actions. This bill did not pass; however, a compromise bill, HB 1472, did pass that achieved a key goal of having the trial lawyer’s ballot issue to remove all caps withdrawn. HB 1472 is not reflected in the chart data because of the lateness of its introduction.

The Chamber took a support position on SB 127 – Regulate Dredged and Fill Material in State Waters. This bill did not pass, however, HB 1379 (the dueling bill that the Chamber took an amend position on) did pass in a format far better than when introduced with some of the concepts from SB 127.

The Chamber took an oppose position on 29 bills. 5 of these bills that passed were the state land use bills that had been prioritized by the Governor and the Majority Party.

The most disappointing loss was SB 106 – the Construction Litigation Reform bill. After success in getting the bill out of the Senate it was not possible to secure passage through the House in a form to address the problems at hand and move the dial to secure additional housing stock. Expect to see this issue again in the next General Assembly.

Supported Childcare/Senior Legislation that Passed

  • HB 1052 Senior Housing Income Tax Credit
  • HB 1223 Improved Access to the Child Care Assistance Program
  • HB 1237 Programs for the Development of Child Care Facilities
  • HB 1387 Preschool Programs Cash Fund

Supported Workforce Development Bills that Passed

  • HB1002 – Social Work Licensure Compact
  • HB1076 – Purple Star School Program
  • HB1096 – School Psychologist Licensure Interstate Compact
  • HB1097 – Military Family Occupational Credentialing
  • HB1111 – Adopt Cosmetology Licensure Compact
  • HB1160 – Economic Development Organization Action Grant Program
  • HB1325 – Tax Credits for Quantum Industry
  • HB1360 – Colorado Disability Opportunity Office
  • SB010 – Dentist & Dental Hygienist Compact
  • SB018 – Physician Assistant Licensure
  • SB109 – Continue Veterans’ Service-to-Career Program

Key Bills the Chamber Opposed that Failed

  • HB1008 – Wage Claims Construction Industry Contractors
  • HB1014 – Deceptive Trade Practice Significant Impact Standard
  • HB1028 – Overdose Prevention Centers
  • HB1057 – Prohibit Algorithmic Devices Used for Rent Setting
  • HB1083 – Construction Professional Insurance Coverage Transparency
  • HB1245 – Fair Labor Practice Requirements for Broadband Projects
  • HB 1260 – Prohibition Against Employee Discipline
  • HB 1299 – Short-Term Rental Unit Property Tax Classification
  • HB1300 – Home Sale Wildfire Mitigation Requirements
  • SB33 – Lodging Property Tax Treatment
  • SB159 – Modifications to Energy and Carbon Management Processes
  • SB165 – Air Quality Improvements
  • SB166 – Air Quality Enforcement