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Whether you’re looking to switch industries or continue along your career path, opportunities for growth and employment are abundant in Colorado Springs. With a market driven by top talent and executives working to build our economy, forging your own career path couldn’t be easier.


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Aerospace & Defense
Boasting the second-largest space economy in the country, Colorado Springs is a global leader with out-of-this-world innovators in aerospace and defense. With over 100,000 employees, the industry continues to defy gravity and serve public, private, and government clients across the world.
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Finance & Business Services
The power of Wall Street meets stunning scenery and fresh air in the finance and business services industry in Colorado Springs. Located in the central U.S., Colorado Springs is an ideal location to do business with the rest of the country.
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Health & Life Sciences
Colorado Springs understands the emphasis and importance of maintaining your health. That’s why, with the support of a talented workforce of more than 46,000 strong, athletes, veterans, and all residents in Olympic City USA get gold medal care at 25 plus acute, rehab, psychiatric, and military care centers.
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IT & Cybersecurity
Home to one of the most sophisticated communications networks in the nation, it isn’t hard to stay connected in Colorado Springs. Logging in with five universities all certified by the National Security Agency and a workforce of more than 3,000 individuals, Colorado Springs is a state-of-the-art center for the industry.
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Sports & Outdoor Recreation
Our sports and outdoor recreation scene are world-renowned, just like our athletes. With more than 60 national and international sports organizations, 24 national governing bodies of sports, and generating $400 million annually, it’s no wonder we’re the only city officially recognized as Olympic City USA.
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