April 25, 2024

Omni Federal Expands In Colorado Springs Creating Over 500 Well-paying Jobs

The Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Corporation announced that Omni Federal has selected Colorado Springs for expansion. The company provides modern engineering and digital transformation solutions for the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community, harnessing development, securities, and operations(DevSecOps), cloud, cyber, and data analytics, to solve mission-related challenges.

“We are pleased to welcome Omni Federal to our region, joining over 250 Aerospace and Defense companies that support national security missions,” said Johnna Reeder Kleymeyer, President & CEO of Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC. Omni’s choice of Colorado Springs as an investment destination demonstrates the Pikes Peak region’s strength in the space and defense domain, which draws from the region’s cutting-edge technology, a highly-skilled talent pipeline, and the collaborative community of innovators that drive business growth and innovation.

Omni Federal has opened an 8,300-square-foot office space in the northern part of Colorado Springs dedicated to operations, Omni Labs, and the establishment of federated ground networks that support satellite missions. The company has invested $400,000 in the new office and related technology and an additional $800,000 is anticipated to support further development of Omni Labs.

“We’re deeply honored to be part of the national security space ecosystem in Colorado Springs! After a thorough evaluation of several cities, Colorado Springs emerged as the perfect location for expansion,” said Parag Thakker, CEO of Omni Federal. “The city provides a dynamic business environment,  innovative technology, and top-tier talent committed to tackling the complex national security challenges within the space and intelligence sectors. With Omni Federal’s outstanding talent already in this area, doubling down on our investment here was a logical decision. We’re eagerly anticipating filling hundreds of new roles for this office, leveraging the expertise to further propel our growth and deliver cutting-edge transformative solutions to our customers.”

Omni Federal expects to create over 500 new jobs at an average annual wage of $150,000, which is 238% of the average annual wage in El Paso County. The positions will include ground station, systems, software, and network engineers, data scientists, and security analysts, among others.

Omni has been growing rapidly and has matured into a midsize company with a broad portfolio of capabilities and clients. The company has a significant presence in Washington D.C., St. Louis, Missouri, San Antonio, Texas, and Montgomery, Alabama.

Omni selected Colorado Springs due to the region’s strong presence in the Aerospace, Defense, and Technology sectors, its pool of highly skilled Space Engineering professionals and to be near Omni’s Air Force and Space Force clients. The combination of Omni’s existing capabilities with the depth of Space Engineering experience from Colorado Springs enables the company to quickly deliver effective solutions to a wide range of complex space engineering challenges.

“I’d like to thank Omni Federal for choosing to expand its workforce here in our vibrant city,” said Colorado Springs Mayor Yemi Mobolade. “Colorado Springs is the proud home to a substantial military footprint that is bolstered by a robust defense, space, aerospace, and cybersecurity industrial base, and its companies like Omni Federal that continue to help cultivate this environment. This expansion will bring hundreds of new, high-paying jobs, and as Mayor, I celebrate what that means for our residents and for the future of our region’s leadership in these industry sectors.”

The company expects to secure $550 million in prime contracts in space, defense, and technology sectors, stimulating growth across various industries, and benefiting local businesses, suppliers, and service providers. The company is also looking at future expansion, in the next two years, for needed integration and test facilities along with a new Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCFI).

“I’m thrilled to celebrate Omni Federal choosing El Paso County. Their decision to expand here speaks volumes about the natural appeal and robust business environment we’ve cultivated. This expansion not only brings hundreds of quality jobs to our community but also strengthens our leadership in the aerospace and defense sectors. We look forward to the innovation and opportunities that Omni Federal will bring to El Paso County,” said Commissioner Cami Bremer, Chairwoman of El Paso County Board of County Commissioners.

In addition to Colorado Springs, Omni Federal considered Washington D.C., Orlando, Florida, Los Angeles, California, and Huntsville, Alabama for expansion. The company did not receive, state, city, or county incentives.