Hardware and Springs Manufacturing

Strong and Diverse Industry Offerings

Colorado Springs has a robust Hardware and Springs Manufacturing industry with growth potential in industrial hardware, and spring and wire products. The city’s strong clusters present opportunities for further growth. The region’s post-secondary institutions produce a highly skilled and educated workforce increasing the reliable pool of talent that supports the industry. In addition, Colorado Springs enjoys strong regional support for policy and promotion.

Estimations hold that local businesses would consume up to 30% of the city’s industry products. By 2023, there were 54 Hardware and Springs Manufacturing establishments in the region, creating more room for investment. The city’s lower wages and incentives have inspired companies such as dvault, Springs Fabrication, and WCM Industries, to launch in Colorado Springs, in a sector that has grown annually by 7.0% locally and at a rate of 1.3% in the nation, in the last 10 years.

Hardware Manufacturing focuses on the production of hinges, handles, keys, and locks, among others. Springs and Wire manufacturing engages in the production of springs from purchased wire.

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