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Defense Development

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We build strong relationships with our military partners and the private businesses that support them to ensure the Pikes Peak region remains a global leader in aerospace education, research, and innovation.

The aerospace and defense industry accounts for 40+% of the Colorado Springs economy with more than 111,000 employed in the industry and an annual economic impact of more than $7 billion. Colorado Springs has five military installations and more than 84,000 veterans. The region is committed to helping aerospace and defense companies thrive in the region with many educational and workforce programs designed to meet industry needs.

We have long-standing relationships with each of the installations and command headquarters here as well as ties to the many veterans and military retirees who bring their extensive experiences to the Chamber & EDC family. We know the area, the trends, and how to find your team a place at the table to discuss the next business chapter for Colorado Springs. We hope you’ll join us and become part of the network that’s making a difference in one of the highest military-concentrated defense communities in the United States.

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