Behind the Business: Small Business Marketing Series

We are Small Business Strong!

Small businesses with less than 500 employees represent 99% of all businesses in the United States. These businesses drive local economies by sparking innovation, creating jobs, and generating revenue. Starting and running a business can be a challenge to many small business owners, with little to no marketing budgets. Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized (SMEs) businesses often struggle to actively market themselves to attract and retain customers.

The Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC provides great resources to help small businesses grow and thrive. Our services and programs are tailored to assist small businesses navigate challenging marketing environments. We do this by providing access to networking events, marketing and sponsorship opportunities, education and training resources, access to funding resources, and political advocacy.

We help small businesses tell their story to connect with their next client. On this page, we share some of the business case studies through our “Behind the Business” series.