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Colorado Springs offers a beautiful natural setting with a Rocky Mountain backdrop and its affordability makes living here the best of both location and value. Consistently falling below the national average for housing, utilities and other cost of living items, the Colorado Springs region gives residents the financial freedom to enjoy an ideally crafted lifestyle, all at a lower cost than other metropolitan areas in Colorado and across the country.

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Cost of Living Index

CityCompositeUtilitiesMisc. Goods
Washington, DC163.4117.0122.2
Seattle, WA156.1108.4135.5
Boston, MA151.2125.0129.0
Los Angeles, CA146.8104.0112.0
Portland, OR134.086.3117.7
Chicago, IL120.191.4109.0
Reno, NV114.487.5109.3
Denver, CO110.878.1105.7
Dallas, TX106.2103.7105.1
Las Vegas, NV*104.795.894.4
Salt Lake City, UT103.486.3104.6
COLORADO SPRINGS, CO100.997.1104.0
Spokane, WA*100.194.398.6
NATIONAL AVERAGE100.0100.0100.0
Phoenix, AZ99.185.789.5
Boise, ID97.581.6102.7
Albuquerque, NM93.387.796.5
Raleigh, NC93.399.198.1
Source: C2ER - COLI 2nd Quarter 2019; *Source: C2ER - COLI 1st Quarter 2019
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Housing Cost Comparison

Washington, DC$1,069,329
Los Angeles, CA823,191
Seattle, WA813,020
Boston, MA719,537
Portland, OR620,491
Denver, CO529,115
Chicago, IL517,613
Reno, NV466,950
Las Vegas, NV*453,767
Salt Lake City, UT403,929
Dallas, TX399,450
Spokane, WA*388,702
Boise, ID351,105
Phoenix, AZ329,900
Albuquerque, NM314,593
Raleigh, NC287,839
Source: C2ER - COLI 2nd Quarter 2019; *Source: C2ER - COLI 1st Quarter 2019
Based on: A newly built home of approximately 2,400 square feet with 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, living room, dining room, one fireplace, utility room, fully finished basement and attached 2-car garage on 8,000 square foot lot.
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Apartment Cost Comparison

Boston, MA$3,548
Washington, DC3,002
Los Angeles, CA2,776
Seattle, WA2,642
Portland, OR2,511
Chicago, IL2,137
Dallas, TX1,538
Denver, CO1,516
Phoenix, AZ1,443
Raleigh, NC1,342
Las Vegas, NV*1,270
Salt Lake City, UT1,261
Reno, NV1,247
Boise, ID1,093
Albuquerque, NM947
Spokane, WA*891
Source: C2ER - COLI 2nd Quarter 2019; *Source: C2ER - COLI 1st Quarter 2019

Based on: An apartment complex built within the past 10 years of approximately 950 square feet with 2-bedrooms, 1½ or 2 full baths. Water and sewer included in rent.
Best Large City for First-Time Home Buyers WalletHub 2018
Best Place to Live U.S. News & World Report 2019
Best Large City for Real Estate Markets Wallet Hub 2016
Best City to Find a Job WalletHub 2019
Most Desirable Place to Live for IT Professionals CompTIA 2019
#1 (tie)
Most Desirable Place to Live U.S. News & World Report 2019

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