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High Altitude, High Aptitude

From high quality K-12 schools to nationally ranked higher educational institutions, Colorado Springs’ schools are producing the talented workforce businesses need today and in the future. It’s no surprise that Colorado Springs is ranked as one of the most educated cities in the country, or that families choose to raise their kids in proximity to the excellent schools in the region.

Coupled with the draw of the Rocky Mountains and all that the region has to offer in terms of recreation and lifestyle, Colorado Springs is a highly attractive location for students with active minds and industrious spirits. What’s more, because of our high-quality jobs and low cost of living, more and more graduates are staying in the region after graduation and adding to our top-notch workforce.

#1 (tie)
Most Desirable Place to Live U.S. News & World Report 2019
Most Desirable Place to Live for IT Professionals

Higher Education

From liberal arts universities to technical colleges to a national military institution, the Colorado Springs region offers higher education opportunities across a broad range of fields of study, including four universities which are certified by the National Security Agency (NSA).

Universities and Colleges:

Colorado College: Colorado College is one of the nation’s top private liberal arts schools, and is consistently ranked as one of the most innovative colleges in the country.

University of Colorado Colorado Springs: The fastest-growing campus in the University of Colorado system, UCCS offers 45 bachelors, 22 masters and five doctoral degree programs, including nationally-ranked programs in business, engineering, nursing and public affairs. More than 65 percent of UCCS graduates live in Colorado.

United States Air Force AcademyCurrently ranked as one of the top public schools in the nation as well as a top liberal arts school, the U.S. Air Force Academy is both a university and a military organization. The Academy offers more than 500 courses across 32 academic disciplines.

Pikes Peak Community CollegePikes Peak Community College (PPCC) serves the Colorado Springs region with four campuses, three satellite locations for military personnel and a robust distance-education system. PPCC has been a leader in developing innovative partnerships with the business community and offers a wide range of learning opportunities for its 19,000 students

Colorado Technical University: Founded in 1965, Colorado Technical University is a for-profit accredited school offering undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree programs in areas such as business, engineering and applied sciences, health science, and information systems and technology.

Colorado State University-Pueblo: With an enrollment of nearly 4,500 students, Colorado State University-Pueblo is a fully accredited, regional comprehensive state university that provides social, educational, and cultural opportunities to its students.

Other Higher Education Institutions:

Colorado Christian University

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Regis University

University of Phoenix

Webster University

Colorado Online Colleges


Colorado Springs’ schools offer a wide array of K-12 options across 17 school districts — from public education to charter and private schools. The diverse academic choices include International Baccalaureate (IB) programs, STEM-focused and arts-focused curriculum, and studies integrating foreign language learning such as Mandarin Chinese and French immersion programs. Colorado Springs is home to two of the Top Ten high schools in the state.

The State of Colorado promotes “Schools of Choice,” an approach which allows students to attend schools outside their neighborhood boundary, as capacity allows. This innovative approach allows families to select housing and schools as independent decisions.

Choice Schools

In Colorado Springs, Schools of Choice allows students to attend schools outside their neighborhood boundary, as capacity allows. This innovative approach allows families to choose housing and schools as independent decisions. Students can choose schools with International Baccalaureate (IB) programs, STEM-focused or arts-focused curriculum, or foreign language immersion programs. Home to two of the top ten high schools in the state, our Schools of Choice programs ensures each student can get the tailored education they need.

Colorado Springs & Manitou Springs School Districts

The combined Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs region is home to 20 unique school districts, with public, private, and charter school options for residents. 

The Academy 20 district has been Accredited with Distinction for over a decade, the highest achievement in education for the state. The district is also consistently considered one of the strongest districts in the state thanks to impressive student performance and unique curriculums.  

Big Sandy Schools 100j have been honored with various educational recognitions, including Best High School in Colorado and Nationally, and Accredited with Distinction for three consecutive years.  

The Calhan RJ1 School District recently earned a Performance Accreditation and has reached a 1:1 ratio for their iPad program in Middle and High schools.  

 Ranked number 1 in the state, the Cheyenne Mountain School District is home to nine schools ranging from elementary to high school.  

Colorado Springs School District 11 is located in the heart of the city and offers impressive gifted and talented programs unique to southern Colorado. 

With the mission “real skills for real life”, the Cripple Creek Victor RE-1 district commits to small class sizes, strong relationships and a supportive community for parents. 

In the southeastern corner of our region, the Edison 54 JT school district encompasses four Edison schools, from pre-school to 12th grade. Schools in the district are recipients of the John Irwin Award. 

Elbert School District #200 has been providing excellence in public education since 1928. Boasting a clear mission and strong district focus, the Elbert district is achieving high results for the community.  

With four schools and an impressive home schooling community, Ellicott School District 22 promotes excellence every day for everyone. The district recently received a grant for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years for continued teacher training.  

Falcon 49 School District is the fastest growing district in the region, serving 25,000 students. Their innovative 49 Pathways program ensures success of high school students after graduation by focusing on individual skills and goals.  

Fountain-Fort Carson 8 School District focuses on connecting performance to purpose for both students and staff. This new strategic plan began in 2017 and will be fully implemented in schools in 2022. 

Following the 2018-2019 school year, the Hanover School District’s two schools and online program, as well as the district cohesively, are performing at the top two ratings in the state. 

The Harrison School District 2 has impressive resources available to students. Free breakfast and lunch for all students, free school supplies for K-8 students and a free laptop with internet for each high school student. Beginning in fall 2020, qualifying seniors can attend PPCC for free.  

The Kiowa C-2 School District is located in the furthest north corner of the region. With three Kiowa schools, the district’s mission is: T.R.I.B.E.—truth, respect, individuality, bravery, and excellence. 

The Lewis-Palmer School District serves almost 7,000 students from pre-school to graduating seniors. The district’s graduation rate is over 95%, one of the highest in the state.  

Manitou Springs School District welcomes over 400 choice program students into their district. They offer a “small town” feel in their schools, which makes building relationships and seeking opportunity easier and a top priority.  

Small in size but mighty in spirit, the Miami-Yoder School district east of Colorado Springs provides a close-knit community to its student body. With just over 300 students, teachers take advantage of small class sizes and are able to address the needs of each individual.   

20 minutes northeast of Colorado Springs, the Peyton School District is home to over 600 students across its elementary school, combined junior-senior high school, and the Career Technical Education Facility, which is home to unique programs like the Woods Manufacturing Program and their online academy.  

 Starting in 2017, the Widefield 3 School District has been making strides to hone in on their purpose and mission. By implementing input from students, faculty and parents, the district has seen success in achieving their new mission.    

At the base of Pikes Peak, the Woodland Park School District is the leader in the state for environmental and conservation education, with 100% of elementary students receiving a hands-on outdoor education. 

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