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300 Days of Sunshine

Colorado Springs’ temperate climate is one of the many qualities that make living here so appealing. In fact, the wellness benefits of the region’s dry, yet mild weather have attracted people to the area since the late 19th century.

The region experiences four distinct seasons, all with moderate high and low temperatures, allowing for residents to take full advantage of all each season has to offer. Summers extend into golden-leafed falls and winters are mild. While snowfalls at the lower altitudes are infrequent, the snow is known to melt quickly thanks to the region’s many sunny days and rarely impacts business operations. As a result, the Colorado Springs’ climate is ideal for active families, individuals, and business owners that are drawn to the Colorado lifestyle.

Facts & Figures

Average January High
Average January Low
Average July High
Average July Low
Inches Annual Rainfall
Inches Annual Snowfall

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