June 10, 2019

Colorado Springs’ education embodies high altitude and high aptitude

UCCS helps students find a job in Colorado Springs

In recognition of this month’s National Higher Education Day, we’re taking time to appreciate the wide variety of educational institutions available to the residents of Colorado Springs. As the No. 16 Most Educated City in the Country, according to WalletHub, the Colorado Spring’s education system benefits the entire family, powers our talent pipeline, and drives our economy.

Benefits the entire family

Colorado Springs’ renowned education system spans across lower and higher education, attracting students, professionals, and military personnel to the area that fosters a community driven by intelligence, leadership, and creativity. This awarded the city’s high rankings in various publications such as listed as one of the best places to live in 2019 by US News & World Report, third Best City for First-Time Homebuyers by , and number nine Best Downtown Area by Livability, which coincides with an increase in residences alongside quality schools, parks, and cultural attractions.

Additionally, the region’s proximity to mountain amenities and outdoor recreation makes the area a prime living location without the steep costs of housing and high levels of traffic. Local employees have a 20-minute average commute to and from work, further proving the area’s easy accessibility and assurance that working parents will make it home on time for family dinner!

K-12 opportunities

From public education to charter and private schools across 17 school districts, parents truly have a plethora of options when it comes to lower education choices for their children. Local schools offer IB programs, STEM and arts-focused curriculums as well as foreign immersion programs, ensuring not only quality but also a cultured education.

In 2018, five Colorado Springs high schools were ranked in the Top 20 Best High Schools by US News & World Report with record high test scores and graduation rates. This coupled with the State of Colorado’s Schools of Choice law, which allows for students to enroll in schools outside of their residential zones, emphasizes the region’s value of K-12 education and promotes limitless academic opportunities for families.

To set up the next generation for success, the Pikes Peak Business & Education Alliance (PPBEA) is launching a new program this summer to better meet workforce needs, collaborating with local businesses to build curriculum at 12 of the region’s K-12 school districts, shaping a community-wide talent pipeline. They’re currently targeting four industries with high workforce demands: healthcare; IT, computer science, and cybersecurity; skilled crafts and trade; and culinary and hospitality.

Universities and colleges

Educational opportunities don’t end there! Colorado Springs high aptitude continues into higher education institutions, home to several liberal arts universities, technical colleges, and national military institutions. To name a few:

University of Colorado Colorado Springs is not only the fastest growing campus among the University of Colorado system, but also has nationally ranked programs in business, engineering, nursing, and public affairs. Additionally, more than 65% of graduates stay in Colorado post-graduation, culminating in an authentic display of how Colorado’s education system benefits the local economy.

United States Air Force Academy is both a military organization and a university, offering more than 500 courses across 32 academic disciplines.

Colorado College is one of the nation’s top private liberal arts schools, attracting intelligence and talent from all over the country. With a unique scheduling plan that encourages recreational activities in and around the area, it is consistently ranked as one of the most innovative schools in the country.

Beyond educational value, Colorado College’s planned indoor event center will further bolster the region’s impressive attractions. The multi-purpose state-of-the-art, sustainable venue will feature 3,000 seats and be able to host ice-based and other sports events as well as entertainment and cultural events.

We couldn’t be prouder that Colorado Springs’ education infrastructure continues to grow, both in terms of size and quality, while growing minds. Contact us to learn more about living and working in Colorado Springs.