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A Savvy Talent Pool

Colorado Springs is home to top-notch higher education institutions that continually produce a steadfast, growing workforce. With more than 38 percent of the population holding a bachelor’s degree or higher, and some of the nation’s top veterans transitioning into the workforce, the region’s talent raises the bar.

Colorado’s second-largest city is a one-hour drive from Denver, allowing employers access to a diverse pool of qualified professionals. And with the unbeatable quality of life to sweeten the deal, it’s easy for businesses to retain and recruit talent.

Facts & Figures

Percent of Persons Age 25 Years or More with a Bachelor's Degree or Higher
Median Age
Median Household Income

Higher Education

Home to some of the nation’s top-performers in higher education, the Pikes Peak region prepares students for jobs in a variety of industries — from aerospace to healthcare.

Higher education facilities located within the region include:


With some of the nation’s leading military institutions, including the United Sates Air Force Academy, and military bases such as Fort Carson, veterans contribute significantly to the Colorado Springs’ workforce. Bringing leadership, dedication and critical skills to the table, these leaders served their country, and are contributing to the region’s bottom line.

A variety of workforce training programs are available to veterans through the Pikes Peak Workforce Center, including transition assistance, job development career assessment and more.

Workforce Training

To help local companies stay competitive, the region offers many workforce training options.

The Pikes Peak Workforce Center connects businesses with work-ready job seekers who have ties to private institutions, community colleges and higher-education institutions.

The Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC works with private providers as well to ensure businesses have access to multiple training options.

Most Desirable Place to Live for IT Professionals CompTIA 2019
Best City to Find a Job WalletHub 2019
Fastest Growing City for Millennials Brookings Institution 2018
Most Educated State (Colorado) WalletHub 2018
Top State Winning the War for Talent (Colorado) CNBC 2018
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(Bureau of Labor Statistics, September 2019)
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Education Levels Comparison

City Percent
High School
Seattle, WA61.794.2
Washington, DC56.690.3
Raleigh, NC50.091.5
Portland, OR48.291.8
Boston, MA47.486.1
Denver, CO46.586.7
Salt Lake City, UT45.188.5
Boise, ID40.994.4
Chicago, IL37.583.8
Albuquerque, NM34.389.5
Los Angeles, CA33.076.4
Reno, NV32.087.0
Dallas, TX31.675.9
Spokane, WA29.592.3
Phoenix, AZ27.881.2
Las Vegas, NV23.284.0
Percent of those 25 and older.
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2013 - 2017 American Community Survey
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Active Applicants

L/O CodeColorado Springs75-Mile Radius
11 - Management Occ1,3894,823
13 - Business/Finance6622,526
15 - Computer/Math7532,388
17 - Architect/Engineer281983
19 - Science Occupations100465
21 - Comm & Social Service3981,049
23 - Legal Occupations83353
25 - Education & Library4711,385
27 - Arts, Sports, Media4221,369
29 - Healthcare Practice311851
31 - Healthcare Support4661,351
33 - Protective Services322769
35 - Food Prep & Service1,1023,050
37 - Cleaning & Bldg Maintenance5391,645
39 - Personal Care328997
41 - Sales & Related1,3514,332
43 - Office & Admin Support2,5638,127
45 - Farm, Fish, Forest98239
47 - Construct & Extract8742,370
49 - Install, Maint, Repair5331,279
51 - Production6191,793
53 - Transportation5811,731
55 - Military Occupations3349
Total Itemized Applicants14,27943,924
(Pikes Peak Workforce Center, October 3, 2019)
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Colorado Springs Labor Availability

2019 Forecast 30 Minutes
(25 Miles)
45 Minutes
(50 Miles)
1 hour drive
(75 Miles)
0 - 19 years198,215351,285957,879
20 - 44 years255,082424,4081,295,185
45 - 64 years187,333340,083951,001
65+ years100,585178,809531,901
Median Age36.237.437.7
Per Capita Income$33,792$36,677$38,839
Median Household Income$65,931$71,652$72,639
(ESRI, September 2019)