October 24, 2019

Behind the scenes: Colorado Springs’ infrastructure and transportation

Colorado Springs' Infrastructure and Transportation

Nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado Springs is famous for offering direct access to year-round outdoor activities and high quality of life. Elevating these natural assets, Colorado Springs’ infrastructure and transportation sectors continue to develop a thriving network for businesses and residents to easily access major U.S. markets and growing industries as well as vital, low-cost resources.

Infrastructure and utility ease

From utilities to telecommunications, Colorado Springs is equipped with a reliable and convenient infrastructure system to support industries that are engines of growth and productivity in our region.

Electricity, natural gas, water, and wastewater services are all bundled into community-owned Colorado Springs Utilities, which means one company, one bill, and one customer service contact to meet the utility needs of approximately 48 million people. With more than 75 percent of the award-winning utility’s power lines buried underground, weather seldom affects our energy grid and residents get to enjoy a clear view of the Rockies. Colorado Springs Utilities was also recently recognized as the 2019 Company of the Year at the EDIE Awards ceremony.

Our infrastructure does more than support the local economy, it also drives innovation. Thanks to an extensive telecommunications structure, Colorado Springs has long been a magnet for aerospace and defense, along with data centers and information technology businesses. Local military assets provide highly sensitive intelligence to the federal government, and fiber trunk lines deliver state-of-the-art communication across the region.

Furthermore, our quality infrastructure makes it easy for residents and businesses to move from point A to point B and experience all that the Pikes Peak region has to offer.

Transportation second to none

Whether by air, road, or rail Colorado Springs guarantees convenient, world-class travel and transport to key destinations across the country.

Just minutes from the city’s downtown, the award-winning Colorado Springs Airport serves 1.5 million passengers every year and offers seasonal and year-round nonstop service to major cities. If necessary, travelers can enjoy an effortless 75-minute ride to Denver International Airport via daily shuttles.

The average commute time in Colorado Springs clocks in at a breezy 20.87 minutes, well below the national average of 27.1 minutes. Cars traverse a well-connected network of scenic interstates and highways that conveniently run in all four cardinal directions. Meanwhile, bikers enjoy 100 miles of on-street bike routes, and even bike-less travelers can access the city’s vibrant downtown by using the innovative bike share system PikeRide.

Lastly, BNSF Railway and Union Pacific operate rail lines through the Colorado Springs region, bringing service to a variety of customers and continuing an important part of our infrastructure that goes back to the 19th century.

Get connected in Colorado Springs

For companies looking to lower utility costs and maximize efficiency in their day-to-day operations, or for talented professionals simply seeking a stress-free commute, Colorado Springs offers a breath of fresh air – a healthy, easily accessible alternative to both hyper congested big cities and more isolated areas. Contact us to learn more about the infrastructure and transportation benefits that come with doing business in Colorado Springs.