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On pace to be Colorado’s largest city, Colorado Springs is the hometown with hustle. From fighting hackers to forging healthcare solutions, residents do more than climb the career ladder, they rise to new heights. With job growth, welcoming wages, and a competitive cost of living, working in Colorado Springs helps bring down, not burn through, your bottom line. Break into business in a startup scene with spark, or work remote in the city with connectivity. Plus, short commutes (or bike to work) and a small airport with huge advantages makes traveling to and from a breeze.

Move from meetings to mountains in minutes, and blaze trails alongside friends, neighbors, and the occasional Olympian. Indulge in one of Colorado’s newest foodie scenes, complete with craft breweries, distilleries, food halls, and top chefs (yes, those). Cultivate your cultural side with a stroll among art in the streets, museums, and dozens of galleries, or take in a Broadway musical. Welcome home to the quintessential Colorado mountain metro that’s among the best places to live.

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Kody Maynard

I have found a city that truly feels like home. I share a connection with many Colorado Springs folks. My dad wore his blues to work every day and was saluted as he walked past cadets at the Air Force Academy, his last assignment before retiring.  I spent my high school years here in the… Read more


Shawnee Starr

My business has been successful in Colorado Springs because of the recruiting base. Shawnee Starr is the CEO and Founder of Techwise, a multi-national government, military, and business consulting and services organization with headquarters in both the United States and the United Arab Emirates.


Paco Sandoval

Everything is 20 minutes away. It’s like a really nice, big playground. Paco Sandoval is a Senior Embedded Software Engineer at Altia, Inc.


Justin Hall

The ability to find a house was absolutely so simple…I did it in 24 hours. Justin Hall is the HR Manager for Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.


Matthew Lopez

Everything I could look for out of a downtown living situation. And at a fraction of the cost. Matthew Lopez is the Director of Talent at Atlas Preparatory School, which has a mission of empowering all students to experience a life-long pursuit of self-fulfillment through education, character and community.


Felicia Barbera

I’ve seen this downtown grow amazingly. “In Colorado Springs, because we have a very reasonable cost of living, you can have a rational work life balance. You’re not working just to keep your head above water. I think that combination of a beautiful location, great people, a reasonable cost of living, plus the added bonus… Read more


Stephen Newton

That sense that we are part of something, not just in something. Dr. Stephen Newton is a Pediatric Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgeon with Children’s Hospital Colorado. 


Kathy Boe

If we do have a snowstorm, it’s beautiful in the morning and it’s gone the next day. Kathy Boe is the Owner and CEO of Boecore, an Aerospace and Defense Engineering company  based in Colorado Springs with over 200 employees developing, operating and maintaining missile defense, space and cyber systems.


Yemi Mobolade

I’m drawn to cities on the cusp of revolution. “I’m drawn to cities on the cusp of revolution. You are provided with many opportunities to make a difference. Colorado Springs is on the cusp of revolution and it’s awesome!” Yemi Mobolade is the co-owner of the Wild Goose Meeting House, Associate Pastor of Local Missions at the… Read more


Michelle Parvinrouh

All this opportunity is waiting. “I moved here on a whim. I was pleasantly surprised by how connected I became with the community and how easy it was to get assimilated… and there’s no looking back. The community is really strong and really dedicated. Because it’s so easy to live here, to take a chance… Read more


Prashant Krishnan and Krithika Prashant

We wanted to be in a place where we could rise very quickly in our respective professions. Dr. Prashant Krishnan is a Gastroenterologist with Peak Gastroenterology Associates, and Krithika Prashant is the Senior Communications Specialist for Colorado Springs and the Board Chair for Colorado Springs Rising Professionals.

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