April 28, 2022

Q&A with the Chamber & EDC

Relocating to Colorado Springs

As your resource in Colorado Springs, the Chamber & EDC is here to help businesses settle into Colorado Springs or relocate to a bigger space when company size expands. From navigating incentives or property searches to networking, the Chamber & EDC leverages decades of economic development and business expertise to help you succeed.

Simply put, our goal is to help your business thrive.

To learn more about what the Chamber & EDC can do for you, we answered a few frequently asked questions compiled by our staff. We hope these responses show a small glimpse into the ongoing efforts our team is making to serve the community in beautiful Colorado Springs.

Jayne Mhono, Member Engagement Manager for Colorado Springs Chamber & EDCQ&A with Jayne Mhono, Member Engagement Manager

Q: I’m a new business owner who recently moved to the area and would like to become more involved with the Chamber & EDC. What resources are available through the Chamber & EDC to help me build my professional network and promote my business?

A: We host more than 200 events a year to help you grow your professional network. But don’t let that number overwhelm you. We’ll help you find the right ones to attend to meet key connections for your business. Our events also create prime opportunities to promote your business through tailored sponsorships. As a sponsor, you can access an exclusive network of business and community leaders, industry experts, and policymakers.

We also collaborate with other chambers and business organizations throughout the region to inform, educate, connect, and equip businesses like yours to succeed. We’ll introduce you to a wealth of resources and networks so you can quickly get established.

Kelly Leaverton, Director, Business Retention and Expansion Colorado Springs Chamber & EDCQ&A with Kelly Leaverton, Director, Business Retention and Expansion

Q: I’m looking to expand my business in Colorado Springs and hope to attract strong talent to my growing team. What is the Chamber & EDC doing to attract a diverse talent pool to the city and then retain them once they’ve relocated?

A: First and foremost, we’re here to help you. From identifying potential incentives to navigating permitting, we’re here to help your expansion move forward smoothly and more quickly.

One reason companies choose to grow here is our top-notch talent. Colorado Springs is among the most educated cities in the U.S. More than 38% of the population has earned a bachelor’s degree or greater degree – 6% more than the national average.

We recently launched Find Your COS, a suite of talent initiatives, to assist various talent sectors to engage with key industries and the local community, helping them broaden both careers and personal lives here. Find Your COS, led by Camille Lavon, currently includes two programs:

  1. Hello Colorado Springs, a wraparound program to encourage summer interns to fall in love with both the company and the region. This program is geared for paid interns, offers social and professional engagements outside of their work hours, and provides the cohort with a housing solution for affordability and community.
  2. Connect Colorado Springs, a concierge program available to Chamber & EDC member businesses to help them sell the region to potential, new-to-market candidates. A local volunteer will be matched to the candidate based on similar interests and demographics to share relocation tips, neighborhood information, childcare options, recreation ideas, and possibly an in-person tour catered to their specific questions and needs. Wraparound services will include helping the candidates find their people based on common interests, such as activities, faith community, and so forth.

We’re also attracting strong talent to the region through strategic digital campaigns and earned national media coverage (like Forbes and Travel Noir), showing prospective talent what sets our region apart and connecting them to our robust jobs board.

Jim Lovewell, Chief Defense Development OfficerQ&A with Jim Lovewell, Chief Defense Development Officer

Q: I just transitioned out of the military, what resources are available to help me make new connections in the business community, and find opportunities to give back too?

A: Our region boasts an impressive number of nonprofits and agencies, including Mt. Carmel Veterans Services Center focused on helping veterans launch their next career here. Through our events, as well as our Military Affairs Council, we’ll help you make new connections in the business community, and find the perfect opportunities to give back as well.

It’s easy to find veterans like yourself in your civilian career here. Approximately 400 military separations take place each month. Newly separated individuals from other cities also relocate for civilian life in Colorado Springs, which is consistently ranked as a top city for veterans. You’ll be in good company, no matter your next career.

Colorado Springs is a business-friendly community for new, expanding, and existing companies. Contact the Chamber & EDC to become a member.