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Military Affairs Council

Bringing the Military & Community Together

The military has had a significant presence in the Colorado Springs area for more than 70 years. What started with the U.S. Army’s Camp Carson, has grown into a burgeoning community of five military installations, hosting key national commands such as the Air Force Space Command, North American Aerospace Defense Command, Missile Defense Integration and Operations Center and the United States Air Force Academy.

We recognize that military affairs are an essential part of development both to the Colorado Springs region and the state as a whole. As a result, since 1951 the Military Affairs Council (MAC) has striven to support and grow our military installations, strengthen their relationship with the surrounding community and associated industry, and ensure that Colorado Springs feels like home to the men and women serving in our region.

Getting to Know the MAC

The Military Affairs Council is the voice of the business community in support of the military member, family, mission and veteran in the Colorado Springs region. We are the connecting point for the military with community leaders, elected officials and organizations. Our work in the community stems from our core values; service, support and advocacy.


To be the preferred advisors to our military, political, civic and business leaders on issues that intersect the military and/or defense industry.


Building on a rich tradition of strong support to our military and community, we strive to be the first organization any military command in the Pikes Peak region looks to for service, support and advocacy. Secondly, we serve as the voice of the military and defense and related industries in the Pikes Peak region.

Some of the ways we lend assistance to the region’s military affairs are:

  • We help nurture, grow and strengthen relationships between local installations and the community.
  • We assure strong positive perceptions of our community by Department of Defense leaders and local commanders.
  • We provide our community leaders and our members with current information regarding the issues facing our local military commanders and their installations.

We offer our members the opportunity to become personally acquainted with military leaders across the Colorado Springs Region.


Who We Are

Meet the MAC Board Members:

Bob Lally, U.S. Navy (Ret.), Chair
Pikes Peak Region YMCA

Kristen Christy, Vice Chair
Modern Technology Solutions, Inc.

Don Kidd, Defense Military Task Force Chair
Peterson Air and Space Museum Foundation

Keith Klaehn, Defense Military Task Force Vice Chair
Town & Country Realty, Inc.

Rich Burchfield, Chief Defense Development Officer
Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC

Mike Jorgenson, Past Chair
Red Noland Cadillac


Liz Anderson, Col. US Air Force (Ret.)
Performa Peak Marketing

Tony Przybyslawski, Maj. Gen. U.S. Air Force (Ret.)
The Boeing Company

Lisanne McNew
McNew & Associates

Randy Rocha
Harrison School District

Shelli Brunswick
Space Foundation

Scott Leeling
DeVry University

Terry Storm, Lt. Col. U.S. Air Force (Ret.)

Kent Fortune
USAA Mountain States Regional Office

Terrance McWilliams
El Pomar Foundation

Jim Ross
Aluet Management Services, Inc.

Greg Welch



Jay Lindell, Maj. Gen. US Air Force (Ret.)
Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade

Tom Strand
Colorado Springs City Council Member

Stan VanderWerf
El Paso County Commissioner

Dirk Draper
Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC

Get Involved

Criteria for Joining

American soldier working on laptop

As a part of the Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC, the MAC is also a business-based organization. As such, membership in the MAC is open to any individual who is part of a registered business or non-profit, and is also a member of the Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC, and who believes in a strong, effective national defense and wishes to actively show support for our uniformed services. Military Affairs Council members are people willing to spend their energies on developing and maintaining an environment that economically and culturally supports a viable military presence in our community, and provides a superior quality of life for members of the military and their families.

Membership in the MAC is also available to individuals who are not representing a business entity. For those situations, an individual may apply for membership in the MAC (or maintain their membership) if they no longer represent business interests and want to continue to support MAC activities. They would continue to pay MAC dues, but not Chamber and EDC dues.

Fees and Expenses

To accomplish the mission, the Council members pay an individual fee established annually by the MAC Advisory Board. This fee covers the various expenses related to providing support for area military personnel as well as MAC programs and activities. The annual participation fee is currently established at $250. Dues are assessed on a calendar year basis, but will be prorated for a first time new member based on the date of membership approval, and in accordance with the chart below. All MAC members, regardless of their position in the MAC, are expected to pay all dues associated with their membership unless they are extended honorary membership, or other such considerations, by a vote of the Board

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MAC Membership Dues2018
 Prorated Table
Annual Membership Fee$250.00
Prorated Fee if Joining: January$250.00

MAC Committees

Defense Mission Task Force (DMTF)

US Airforce militarty fighter jets

The mission of the DMTF is to take the lead role on behalf of the Military Affairs Council and the Chief Defense Industry Officer to develop relationships, local government cooperation and programs to improve the ability of Colorado Springs military installations to discharge their national security and defense missions. The DMTF was originally established in 1989 to work behind the scenes to solve problems identified by senior military leadership which needed civilian community support. It brings local business leaders, local government leaders and senior military leaders together in a partnership for improving the effectiveness and vitality of the numerous military facilities in the area. It maintains an awareness of any Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) initiatives and acts as necessary in the best interests of the military and community.

Area Chiefs of Staff (ACOS)

The origin of the Area Chiefs of Staff meeting dates back to 1957. ACOS is a MAC-led organization and includes individuals from the local installations, City of Colorado Springs, Fountain, Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments, El Paso County and the State of Colorado with key interests in the military and its impact on the community. Monthly meetings, sponsored by the MAC, are held to stay abreast of community/military problems/issues. Hosting of the luncheon meeting has traditionally been rotated between participants. The main objective of the meetings is to provide area commanders an alternative avenue for identifying issues that, if resolved, would be of great benefit to their installations/services, and initiatives that they believe could best be achieved through community and Chamber and EDC support. ACOS is a supportive venue to discuss issues that utilize the MAC and community to “message” for the military.

Senior Enlisted Breakfast

These meetings are designed to bring all senior enlisted military personnel from each installation together to discuss what is going on at their installation as it pertains to their mission.

Membership Committee

  • Supports all efforts to create and maintain value for members in their affiliation with the MAC
  • Schedules and coordinates recurring membership meetings as opportunities for interaction between community members — individuals, military leaders, and business representatives — for education in military missions and opportunities
  • Schedules and coordinates recurring military leadership “Hail and Farewell” receptions
  • Initiates efforts to find and commit guest speakers for MAC hosted events and coordinates efforts with the MAC Chair, Chief Defense Industry Officer and Liaison, Military and Defense Programs
  • Creates membership drives to solicit new members and initiates membership renewal processes
  • Prepares and distributes new member orientation materials
  • Annually reviews honorary memberships, membership fees and recommends any needed changes for MAC Advisory Board approval. Fee schedule will be documented in the by-laws
  • Conducts initial screening of requests for membership for approval by the Advisory Board Chair
  • Supports member communication programs to enhance member understanding of the MAC and appreciation of the value of their membership.

Sponsorship Committee

  • Administers a Sponsorship program to ensure MAC hosted or sponsored events have appropriate resources to carry out the event to the level of success desired by the MAC and Advisory Board
  • Assists the Liaison, Military and Defense Programs to create, update and maintain a calendar of events of MAC hosted or sponsored events over a rolling 15-month period
  • Initiates efforts to find and commit sponsors of these events with monetary support or support in-kind
  • Coordinates with the Finance Committee for financial obligations made in behalf of the MAC
  • In coordination with the Finance Committee, accepts requests to the MAC for event sponsorship, coordinates with the Finance Committee and prepares recommendations to the MAC Chair and Vice Chair for support or non-support

Liaison Committee

  • Administers a Liaison Program to foster the best possible relationships and lines of communication with our local military installations and commands, our surrounding communities and selected professional organizations
  • Identifies, vets, nominates and oversees the activities and reports of a Cadre of Liaison Officers (LNOs)
  • Is led by a Chairman and vice chairman, as appointed by the MAC Chair, for a one-year term
  • Prepares an appointment letter, signed by the MAC Chair, to leadership of the host organization, that the LNO has been appointed to serve as liaison
  • Ensures LNOs are selected based on their familiarity with the assigned organization as well as their availability to support the entity to include attending functions and effectively communicating with organization leadership and communicating back to the MAC
  • Ensures prospective LNOs are vetted for potential conflicts of interest as might be viewed from the entity or fellow MAC members. No personal or professional agendas can be allowed

Community Relations Committee

  • Assists the Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC and Military Affairs Council (MAC) members in understanding the needs and supporting our military community
  • Provides support to, and facilitates MAC participation in, military, civic and charitable community events and actions that benefit the military community and our members
  • Coordinates with other Chambers of Commerce on military community issues and actions that impact or support our members and/or community and provide synergies of effort
  • Coordinates with military community affairs liaisons on scheduling, information and requested event support
  • Acts as a central point of information for military related community affairs schedule information in Colorado Springs and El Paso County
  • Develops relationships and provides linkage between professional organizations, charitable organizations and other commercial and civic entities that desire to support our troops and their families
  • Ensures key information about the military and MAC activities is communicated to MAC membership and the broader community

Finance Committee

  • Administers a finance program to assist with building, prioritizing and coordinating a MAC budget to support programs and other financial needs of the MAC
  • Initiates creating the annual MAC budget, coordinated with the other Committee chairs and MAC vice Chair, to be presented to the MAC Chair and Chief Defense Industry Officer (NLT 1 Oct prior to the end of the CY) for approval by the Chamber and EDC board. The proposed budget will be presented to the MAC Advisory for approval. The budget should be developed with enough lead time to consider potential industry sponsorships to the MAC as well as programs the MAC plans to sponsor in the budget year
  • Assists the MAC Chair with coordination of the MAC budget through the Chamber and EDC
  • Accepts requests for sponsorship funding, coordinates with the Sponsorship Committee, and makes recommendations to the MAC Chair and Vice Chair for support
  • Works closely with the Sponsorship Committee to ensure MAC sponsored events are funded appropriately as prioritized
  • Assists the Liaison, Military and Defense Programs, to collect new and renewing membership fees
  • Coordinates with the Chamber and EDC Finances lead agent to adhere to established financial practices and procedures

Programs Committee

  • Initiates the planning, and executes all MAC events, in coordination with the MAC & Defense Programs Coordinator.
  • Plans events with consideration of the outreach and messaging goals of the CRC, and the annual budget and sponsorships for the event
  • Works closely with the Chamber and EDC counterparts for synergies in obtaining mutual goals for each other’s events
  • Keeps the MAC Chairman informed of planned events and provides recommendations for approval
Rich Burchfield Chief Defense Development Officer (719) 575-4325