February 11, 2019

10 reasons to love living & working in Colorado Springs


This Valentine’s Day, we’re dreaming of enjoying all that Colorado Springs has to offer its employees and residents alike. While the city offers accessibility and connectivity in all aspects of life, there are features and benefits that are tough to turn down when one considers living or working in Colorado Springs. Here are 10 of the most coveted and unique things that residents and employees love about Colorado Springs:

1. Innovative business climate

There’s no better place to grow your business than with a Pikes Peak backdrop. The area has cultivated a community of creativity, making it an ideal home to small businesses and cutting-edge startups. However, Colorado Springs has the world-class resources and opportunities that any business – regardless of size – needs to succeed.

2. Concentration of skilled talent

Colorado Springs workforce is best described in one work: talented. This is thanks in large part to the area’s top-tier education institutions that educate and fuel the area’s talent pipeline. In addition, Colorado Springs workforce training options leave little room for businesses to wonder why the city is a great place to live and do business.

3. Wide variety of job opportunities

In Colorado Springs, you can start or find your dream career. With our city’s innovative ecosystem, robust cybersecurity industry and strong roster of top tech companies, your career path is in your own hands. A testament to the city’s business-friendly environment and available opportunities, those who work in Colorado Springs are able to quickly advance their careers when compared with cities like New York City. Colorado Springs even simplifies your day before and after leaving the office with an incredible average commute time of 20.87-minutes.

4. More bang for your buck

In contrast to its high elevation, Colorado Springs low cost of living sets it apart from neighboring markets and cities across the country. Find out how your current location stacks up against Colorado Springs with our city comparison chart.

5. Top-notch education opportunities

Not only can Colorado Springs’s educational opportunities benefit you, but they can benefit your entire household. The region is home to top-notch K-12 public and private education institutions across 17 school districts, as well as nationally-recognized higher education institutions. Among those include Colorado College, University of Colorado Colorado Springs, United States Air Force Academy and more.

6. Connecting you to the world

Colorado Springs robust infrastructure and world-class connectivity benefit our businesses and residents alike. For example, the Colorado Springs Airport serves 1.5 million passengers every year, offering seasonal and year-round nonstop service to large cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and more. The city’s reliable, low-cost utilities complement its sophisticated transportation network and provide businesses with the resources they need to access major U.S. markets.

7. Olympic City USA

Colorado Springs, also known as “Olympic City USA,” is the epicenter of the country’s Olympic and Paralympic history. Sports fanatics revel in Colorado Springs’s sports industry which generates $400 million annually towards our economy. You can take a trip into the past with a visit to the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum and Hall of Fame or take a peek into the future with the Hybl Sports Medicine and Performance Center, which is slated to open in the summer of 2020.

 8. Breathtaking Outdoor Atmosphere

As we like to say, Colorado Springs is “adventure at its peak,” thanks to a wide variety of outdoor activities that the region has to offer. Hiking, biking, swimming and white-water rafting are go-to options for outdoor summer fun, while skiing, fat-biking, snowshoeing and trips to America’s Mountain, Pikes Peak, dominate the winter months. Regardless, playing outside in Colorado Springs never gets old.

9. One-of-a-Kind Culture and Community

Colorado Springs’s culture and community are unparalleled. Whether you’re an art fanatic, a foodie searching for local hotspots or a performance-loving creative, Colorado Springs has something for you. In fact, the city is home to more than 70 art galleries and once-in-a-lifetime performances at venues like the Opera Theatre of the Rockies. The culinary scene is also thriving, with fine dining experiences, farmers markets, breweries and coffee shops attracting locals and visitors alike.

 10. 300 Days of Sunshine

In addition to its strong business climate, Colorado Springs has a favorable, temperate climate that employees and residents enjoy daily. Don’t worry, our residents still get to enjoy all four seasons. However, summers in Colorado Springs extend into golden-leafed falls and winters are mild, thanks to the ample amount of sunshine the area receives. What’s not to love about that?

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