October 22, 2018

Five Tech Companies to Watch in Colorado Springs

With hundreds of cities vying to become the next Silicon Valley, unexpected hotspots like Colorado Springs are making waves in our nation’s tech and startup ecosystem. Colorado Springs is home to a variety of tech companies, but they all have one thing in common: game-changing ideas. Let’s take a closer look at the five tech companies you should watch:


Founded by four Hewlett-Packard embedded systems developers, Altia is making a name for itself in Colorado Springs and recently relocated from the suburbs to the city’s burgeoning downtown. The graphical user interface technology (GUI) company was recently featured in Forbes for its innovative approach to improving display screens in cars and other products that utilize IoT. Altia’s best-in-class software can be found in automotive, medical, industrial and consumer electronics. The company already has its hand in the interactive displays of more than 17 million vehicles, ranging from the Ford Focus to the Lamborghini.

Cherwell Software

Cherwell, an international service management software company based in Colorado Springs automates IT services and support for healthcare, finance, higher education, government and retail industries. The platform currently serves more than 1,700 customers in 40-plus countries. Earlier this year, Cherwell made history by securing the largest-ever venture capital investment for Colorado Springs. The software company announced that global investment firm KKR would increase its stake in the company with $172 million through its Next Generation Technology Fund.

Titan Robotics

From the medical field and research to product development and everyday manufacturing processes, Titan Robotics is leading the way in the fields of 3D printing and manufacturing. Founder and CEO Clay Guillory is a mechanical engineer by trade and started the company in 2014 at the age of 26 to make a difference in the lives of others. His passion for 3D printing began as a hobby, building 3D printers in his garage. Today, Titan Robotics builds and sells large-scale, industrial 3D printers, provides 3D printing services and helps produce everything from prosthetics to footwear to car parts. The tech company was even identified at the forefront of 3D printing by The Gazette and recognized as a Colorado Company to Watch in 2018.


BombBomb is an interactive email service provider that creates number-boosting content solutions for sales teams. In 2006, now CEO and founder, Conor McClusky experimented by sending a video email to his client list as a form of face-to-face communication. After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback, BombBomb was launched. In addition to video messaging, BombBomb provides tracking, canned responses, scheduling and reminders to optimize sales potential and make sales professionals stand out in a prospect’s inbox. BombBomb was recognized as a Colorado Company to Watch in 2017 for its innovative mission to “re-humanize” communication.


root9B is a cybersecurity company that offers comprehensive defense services that range from basic training to high-level protection. A part of Colorado Springs burgeoning cybersecurity sector, root9B works with both government and commercial clients to protect highly classified information. On top of root9B’s proactive approach to cybersecurity, the company seeks to educate the community on cybersecurity best practices, with a variety of cybersecurity training courses and real-world environment simulations.

With these exciting and innovative companies located right here in Colorado Springs, the city is rapidly becoming a hub for startups and tech companies. Want to learn more about starting or growing your startup in Colorado Springs? Visit our Small Business web page for information on how Colorado Springs supports entrepreneurs, techies and visionaries alike.