February 26, 2019

The Startup Ecosystem in Colorado Springs is Only Getting Stronger

Circuit Board Used in Technology

A vibrant startup ecosystem

Take an ambitious tech community with a history of innovation – think floppy disks and GPS, just to name a few – and pair it with accessible capital and available resources, and you have a city on the move. But Colorado Springs’ entrepreneurial assets don’t end there. The collaborative startup ecosystem in Colorado Springs is rooted in unconventional partnerships is just one of the reasons Inc. called us the “new entrepreneurial destination.” Example: you might already know the U.S. Air Force Academy is cranking out some impressive, state-of-the-art technological advances through their CyberWorx program. But did you know Colorado Springs’ private sector is helping drive these innovations? True story.

Transforming the tech landscape

It doesn’t get much more startup than “accidentally” building a 3D printer in your garage. But that’s just what Clay Guillory with Titan Robotics did. Now the company is leading the way in 3D printing and manufacturing, making everything from prosthetics to footwear to car parts.

Speaking of car parts, here’s one for you. Founded by four former Hewlett Packard developers, Altia likely designed the dashboard display in your car. That’s because their technology is in over 100 million vehicles and counting, plus several other nonautomotive products that utilize GUI (graphical user interface).

Then there’s BombBomb. An early adaptor of video communication, BombBomb is rehumanizing sales through technology. More than 38,000 customers in over 40 countries utilize their technology to record and send videos each day. Best of all? Co-founder Conor McCluskey credits the region’s talented workforce and vibrant culture as key reasons to grow the business here.

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