February 26, 2019

R9B expands its Adversary Pursuit Center

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.  R9B, a leading provider of advanced cybersecurity products, services, and training announced today the completed expansion of its Colorado Springs-based global Adversary Pursuit Center (APC). This expansion amplifies existing cyber operations across all of R9B’s security services and advanced product delivery. The expansion enables R9B to provide holistic cyber defense operations to global clientele from a centralized location, monitoring and managing networks, responding to incidents, and engaging customers’ cyber adversaries via R9B’s award-winning, HUNT platform, ORION.

The expansion has increased the APC’s footprint in downtown Colorado Springs to more than 12,000 square feet. The new space will greatly improve R9B’s ability to coordinate operations both internally and with a growing global customer base.

“The Adversary Pursuit Center has long been the centerpiece and heart of R9B operations. Our team is excited as this expansion supports R9B’s rapidly growing global customer base and is enabling more effective cross-team collaboration and efficient mission execution,” said R9B Chief Operating Officer John Harbaugh.

Expansion of the R9B APC includes:

  • Modern office space for integration and close collaboration between ongoing business and active cyber defense operations
  • Fully integrated sales growth, marketing, and thought leadership with security operations execution and delivery
  • New data analytics and network operations spaces to facilitate both R9B and customer security operations
  • State-of-the-art forensics lab capable of global digital forensics and incident response services
  • New facilities to allow for sensitive discussions with a growing government and private sector client list
  • A full-service 24x7x365 operations center to house more than 150 HUNT, managed security, product development, and business operations professionals
  • Risk-informed cyber threat intelligence assembled from numerous sources, tailored to individual customers, integrated in all products and deliverables
  • Robust data analytics enabling threat modeling and predictive analytics in support of HUNT, MSS, and MDR, providing significant enhancements in scalability and performance
  • In-house red team providing adversary simulation and collaborative vulnerability detection and validation
  • New classroom space to accommodate more than 14 students, fully integrated with R9B’s cyber range environment
  • Modular auxiliary space for combined team meetings to conduct real-time malware and intelligence analysis

R9B Chief Executive Officer Eric Hipkins said, “The ability to bring together the many vital disciplines of sound cybersecurity is what really sets the expanded APC apart from a traditional SOC. As R9B continues to grow our global customer base, this expanded environment will allow us to monitor international client networks, hunt for threats, and respond to incidents quickly and effectively.”


Courtesy of R9B