February 18, 2020

Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC launches national public relations campaign to secure permanent U.S. Space Command headquarters

The Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce & Economic Development Corp. (Chamber & EDC) today announced its official launch of a national public relations campaign to promote Colorado as the ideal location for the permanent establishment of U.S. Space Command (USSPACECOM). Three of six bases identified by the U.S. Air Force in the initial strategic basing decision are in Colorado Springs.

“The aerospace & defense industry is one of Colorado’s largest economic sectors,” said Kathy Boe, chair of the Chamber & EDC’s Board of Directors, and CEO of Boecore. “USSPACECOM’s permanent presence in Colorado will drive more innovation and investment to our region while attracting and retaining a highly skilled workforce.”

The Chamber & EDC, community, and state partners are implementing contracts with two agencies who will advise strategies and execute tactics. The agencies are Development Counselors International, the Chamber & EDC’s current public relations agency, and The Trailblazer Group, a DC-based public relations and political consultant.

“The combination of agencies allows Colorado to make a full-court press in getting our state talked about by the right people. We know that President Trump and his team can make an informed decision in the best interest of national security when they become more familiar with Colorado’s aerospace and defense assets and robust workforce development activity,” commented Reggie Ash, Chief Defense Development Officer for the Chamber & EDC. “Keeping USSPACECOM in Colorado is essential to its mission, will not disrupt families and personnel, and will be the most cost-efficient way to strengthen the Command. There is no other community more supportive of our national defense efforts in space. We will amplify our Colorado story.”

The Chamber & EDC welcomes the community to get involved and stay in-the-know. Don Addy, Chair of the Colorado Thirty Group and member of the Chamber & EDC Board, is chairing a community advocacy task force. Please contact spacecom@cscedc.com if you are interested in hearing more or to opt-in to weekly e-communications.