June 12, 2018

Peak to Printer: Colorado Springs’ Modern Manufacturing Boom

Collaboration is a buzzword communities nationwide aren’t afraid to tout, but when it comes to Colorado Springs manufacturers, the word really does ring true. Rather than approaching new clients from a competitive point of view, local manufacturing companies are teaming up to strengthen the region’s advanced manufacturing capabilities as a whole. And it shows.

Colorado Springs is seeing an insurgence of advanced manufacturing business and company relocation interest, and the region has its community-minded industry operatives to thank. Here is just a sample of the local leaders and initiatives putting modern manufacturing back on the map for Colorado Springs:


Qualtek has been in the manufacturing business for more than 50 years, with a focus on metal stamping, heat-treating and finishing, with its parts used in everything from airplanes and cars to medical devices and firearms. With a priority on workforce training, they also have the only tool and die apprenticeship program in the state of Colorado that is registered with the U.S. Department of Labor. Recently, Qualtek teamed up with JPM Prototype & Manufacturing to service a large client that neither would have been able to accommodate on their own, proving that Colorado Springs’ manufacturing capabilities are stronger when companies get creative about leveraging their strengths and resources.

Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Association South

Speaking of JPM Prototype & Manufacturing, its president, Dave Jeffrey, also serves as the vice chairman for Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Association South (CAMA). CAMA, a statewide member-based trade organization to support Colorado manufacturing, has a distinct presence in southern Colorado. With JPM’s Jeffrey at the helm, CAMA South is a place where area manufactures can strengthen their network and share their talents – fostering industry-wide collaboration in the region.

Diversified Machine Systems

Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Diversified Machine Systems (DMS) is another leader making waves in the manufacturing community. DMS serves a wide range of industries including aerospace, energy and automotive, for a variety of materials with its three axis and five axis CNC routers and machinery. What makes DMS stand out is its unique vertically-integrated production model. Raw material comes in to the facility and is locally processed and assembled to create the finished product. On top of that, DMS is committed to attracting a trade talent pool from area schools, which begins with training students directly on the factory floor. With their commitment to thinking locally, DMS is moving manufacturing forward while cementing its roots as a regional mainstay.

Pikes Peak Makerspace

Located in Manitou’s state certified creative district, Pikes Peak Makerspace is bridging the gap between conventional manufacturing and artisan creativity. Members of the workshop facility can rent a workbench, gain access to a slew of tools and technologies, including the only Squink desktop circuit 3D printer in the state, and educational workshops to help hone their maker skills. With Chris Vestal of MotoMinded leading the program, a manufacturer of 3D-printed motorcycle parts and accessories that also operates out of the space, the Pikes Peak Markerspace is making manufacturing accessible, and more popular than ever, throughout Colorado Springs.

Between a renewed community interest, smart makers and their dedicated collaboration, manufacturing is on the move. Learn more about Colorado Springs manufacturing here or get in touch with our team for more information.