June 15, 2018

TechRepublic Highlights Local Cybersecurity Innovator R9B

With cyber threats becoming ever more prevalent in our society, and the technologies to defend against them becoming rapidly more innovative, Colorado Springs’ cybersecurity ecosystem continues to grow as a primary player in the global cyber sector. With five military installations and more than 125 cybersecurity companies, industry and defense leaders manage everything from military satellite operations to cybercrime protection.

Michael Kassner, cybersecurity expert and journalist for leading IT publication TechRepublic, recently sat down with root9B, a local Colorado Springs cybersecurity company, to discuss their approach to data protection. Highlighting the company’s unique ‘active adversary pursuit’ approach to the industry, the article featured an interview with CEO and founder Eric Hipkins, CTO Michael Morris, and COO John Harbaugh.

Citing the Colorado Springs region as an asset to their company thanks to the strong military presence, Morris explained, “Military personnel make the best cyber defenders simply because they have been steeped in fighting adversaries.”

Root9B is one of the leading cybersecurity software companies in Colorado Springs and works with both government and commercial clients to protect highly classified information. In their fourth quarter of 2017, root9B was awarded $5.5 million in new government and commercial cybersecurity contracts, including federal, state and municipal entities.

Founded in 2013, root9B’s team is comprised of industry pioneers, whose previous work included the development of the Department of Defense’s networks and communications, defending against nation-state cyber attackers. Apart from software and security services, root9b also seeks to educate the community on cybersecurity best practices, with a variety of cybersecurity training courses and real-world environment simulations.

As cyber-attacks pose an increasing threat to government and private company data, Colorado Springs continues to welcome new talent, companies and innovative startups that are all working to stay one step ahead of hackers. To learn more about cybersecurity in Colorado Springs, visit our information technology and cybersecurity industry page.