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From assembling bicycle products to avionics integrations and medical devices, Colorado Springs’ manufacturing presence is diverse and vibrant. The region’s facilities, which operate on low utility costs and taxes, are leading some of the world’s most innovative manufacturing ventures around the globe. For example, Springs Fabrication, a leading metal manufacturing company, led the assembly for a system that filtered radiation out of Fukushima’s waters.

The city also boasts a one-of-a-kind aviation manufacturing sector, home to industry leaders like Lockheed Martin, Advantage Manufacturing, Sierra Nevada Corporation, and Trine Aerospace. From high-end luxury interiors to electromechanical assembly, aviation manufacturers are able to leverage Colorado Springs’ unique amenities to apply innovative services across industries.

Take for instance the Colorado Springs Airport (COS), which has the fifth longest runway in the country – providing plenty of open space to accommodate large and specialty aircrafts, including military airliners. Additionally, the airport is growing its Peak Innovation Park, a new business park in the airport’s Opportunity Zone that provides an abundance of space for new manufacturers.

With the presence of a Commercial Aeronautical Zone and Aviation Development Zone, manufacturers in this respective sector can access tax incentives and credits, while Colorado Springs’ Foreign Trade Zone is one of the largest in the country, offering big benefits for companies looking to import or export parts.

With support and manufacturing-related training programs spurred by top-notch educational institutions, such as Pikes Peak Community College and the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS), the region’s workforce is skilled and available to create the next breakthrough.

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