November 19, 2020

Winning USSPACECOM campaign results

Rock rocks in Colorado Springs.
Rock rocks in Colorado Springs.

Reggie Ash, our chief defense development officer, has led the Winning USSPACECOM campaign since its official launch in February 2020. The Chamber & EDC, community, and state partners retained consulting services with three agencies who advise strategies and execute tactics. The agencies are Development Counselors International, the Chamber & EDC’s current public relations agency, American Continental Group, and The Trailblazer Group, both DC-based public relations and political consultants.

See the year-to-date results:

Public relations snapshot

  • We’ve placed eight unique stories and ten total articles in national outlets and key industry publications highlighting why Colorado Springs is the best choice for the permanent location of Space Command. Together, these articles secured 64,844,551 impressions and a total ad equivalency of $1,642,303.
  • We’ve posted seven Space Command related blog posts to date.
  • Developed, designed, and launched a Space Command webpage on our website
  • Developed, designed, and launched the Spring Board – COS digital ambassador program to increase the impact of the broader campaign and tee up local supporters to share positive messages, articles, and rankings with their social networks.
  • Developed a social media campaign leveraging appropriate hashtags and relevant moments in time and designed to drive traffic to relevant blogs and webpages on the Chamber’s website.

Washington, D.C. advocacy snapshot

  • Four meetings with the Department of Defense
  • Six meetings with members of Congress
  • One call with White House senior staff




PR Efforts

  • Developed and executed a communications strategy in the lead up to President Trump’s visit to Colorado Springs and the launch of the Chamber’s Securing Space Command Campaign.
  • Developed and finalized the campaign’s key messages.
  • Developed a media list of relevant national and trade reporters, and proactively pitched around the announcement of the Chamber’s Securing Space Command Campaign in advance of the President’s visit to Colorado Springs on 2/20. Secured interviews, and coverage, with Politico, Space Daily, and Space News.

 Digital Ambassadors (DA) / Social Media

  • Launched Digital Ambassador program with sample social media posts to help spread positive Colorado Springs messages in the days surrounding the President’s visit to Colorado Springs.





  • Met with Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) at DC Fundraiser Dinner 


PR Efforts

  • Developed and executed a proactive pitch around the U.S. Air Force Academy’s virtual graduation ceremony highlighting the city coming together to support the graduates and the first class of cadets commissioned into the Space Force.
    • Secured leads with CNBC, Fox News and Politico.
    • Successfully secured placements in CNBC and Politico’s Space e-newsletter



Air Force Magazine:




Digital Ambassadors

  • Finalized the e-mail invitation for the DA program and embedded the DA landing page on the Chamber website. Link to the Spring Board landing page.
  • DCI worked with the Chamber to send test e-mails, troubleshoot technical issues, and finalize the first post. The first post was sent to Spring Board ambassadors on July 31st.

Space Command Web Page


PR Efforts

  • Proactively pitched around the one-year anniversary of the re-establishment of USSPACECOM which resulted in a story secured in Politico Pro.
  • Provided feedback around CVG’s proposed media strategy for the DC mission and prepared to assist with proactive outreach once given the greenlight.



White House:

  • Call with White House Senior Staff with Entire COS Delegation – Brian Jack (White House Director of Political Affairs), Tim Pataki (Director of the Office of Public Liaison), William Crozer (Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Affairs at The White House) Aug. 4



Department of Defense meetings:

  • Met with John Henderson, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations, Environment and Energy
  • Met with Justin Johnson, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy
  • Met with Jordan Gillis, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment
  • Met with Lt. General David Thompson, Vice Commander, US Space Force

Congress meetings:

  • Met with Rep. Jim Cooper’s (R-TN) Defense Legislative Fellow Stephanie Mitchell
  • Met with the staff of the House Armed Services Committee
  • Met with the staff of the Senate Armed Services Committee
  • Met with Senator Kevin Cramer’s (R-ND) Military Legislative Aide Colby Kuhns
  • Met with Senator Michael Bennett (D-CO)

White House:

  • Mayor Suthers follow-up letter to White House call participants (Jack, Pataki, and Crozer)

Third Party Engagement:

  • Briefed Ryan Faith (Op-Ed writer on Space and Defense at The Hill) and continue to work with him on a potential piece in the Hill.