December 16, 2020

Winning Projects in Olympic City USA

Despite the tribulations and uncertainty this year, projects to advance Colorado Springs’ economic development initiatives have moved along, creating great achievements. For years, Colorado Springs has been recognized as the epicenter of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movements by athletes, coaches, and fans. The region is home to high-quality natural training grounds that bolster educational, medical, technological, and cultural assets in the sports and fitness space. Keep reading to uncover significant projects from 2020, and take a peek inside of what’s to come in Olympic City USA in 2021.

City for Champions

City for Champions is a collection of four unique projects consisting of five distinct and extraordinary venues that will attract new visitors to Colorado Springs, the surrounding region, and the State of Colorado. These projects will not only improve the quality of life for residents in Colorado Springs, and the visitor experience for those traveling to the region, but will also bring economic vitality to the Colorado Springs area.

Home to 59 national and international sport organizations, it’s no secret that our region is a sports and fitness hub. By inviting national and international sports performance and medicine entities to the city to compete in events and do business, these projects reinforce that Colorado Springs is the ideal location for athletes to train. Below are the two completed projects, as well as the plan for next year.

Accomplishments in 2020

While 2020 came with many hardships, we were able to accomplish a lot this year in our growing city. For example, a very popular attraction came to town in November—In-N-Out had their grand opening. The franchise also built a new distribution center in Colorado Springs that will serve In-N-Out locations across the state! However, long-awaited dining options aren’t the only expansions we had this year; Southwest Airlines also expanded at the Colorado Springs Airport, operating 13 daily departures from Colorado Springs to five destinations starting March 11, 2021.

“In a tough time for airlines, Southwest has not only looked for ways to cut costs, but also for new revenue opportunities,” said Greg Phillips, Colorado Springs Airport Director of Aviation.

U.S. Space Command in Colorado Springs

The Colorado Springs’ aerospace and defense industry also experienced many achievements, including our region establishing itself as the provisional home to the U.S. Space Command for the next six years. Space Command will create 1,400 jobs and would create an economic impact of more than a billion dollars a year.

New in 2020, the Colorado State Legislature unanimously approved licensure reciprocity for military spouses for three years at no cost. Colorado works hard to ensure access for military dependents in need of individualized education, specialty medical care, and childcare. In Colorado Springs, military families don’t just serve in our communities, they are our co-workers, neighbors, and friends which is why we are the perfect location to house the U.S. Space Command, permanently.

The final decision on the location of U.S. Space Command will come in January 2021 and we look forward to working together to continue the push for this great economic opportunity.

These are just a small handful of the many projects our team is continuously working on. Contact us to learn more about the sports economy and why Colorado Springs is the perfect home for military families, veterans, and innovative entrepreneurs in our business-friendly climate.


Photo Credit: Colorado Springs Airport