February 23, 2018

Pikes Peak to PyeongChang: Colorado Springs’ Olympic assets

United States Olympic Training Center

When it comes to living up to the reputation of one of the most revered brands in the world, Colorado Springs continues to deliver the goods as Olympic City USA, as the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang wind down. The Colorado Springs region offers an impressive array of assets that help transform athletes to Olympians, strengthen the country’s national sports operations, and spark innovation in our sports industry and throughout our economy.

Training the Colorado Way

Much of what draws talent to Colorado Springs is also what compels Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls to relocate to the area. The beautiful landscape, great weather and affordable cost of living is always a draw, but the training centers that support 10 Olympic sports give Colorado Springs a high-altitude edge over other locations. In fact, Colorado Springs is home to the World Arena Ice Hall Olympic training site, U.S. Olympic Training Center Velodrome, and one of only three Olympic and Paralympic Training Centers in the country.

Outside of these facilities, athletes and their coaches, family, and trainers take advantage of Colorado’s natural elements to add a layer of cross-training unlike anywhere else. The Manitou Incline, for example, referred to by locals as “Nature’s Stairmaster,” sees no shortage of visitors using the 2,000-foot incline, at an altitude of 8,550 to train for everything from marathon running to mountain biking.

Mirai Nagasu Instagram Post

2010 and 2018 Olympian Mirai Nagusu takes her workout outside in Colorado Springs’ mountains

Beyond the Talent

Anyone who has ever competed in any sport knows that behind every athlete is a highly relied-upon network of support. Consider the doctors that keep an athlete well, the trainers that develop their programs, the manufacturers tweaking the equipment and the engineers ensuring that each facility is maintained at its best.

Each individual plays a critical role in the success of our athletes and the longevity of the United States’ Olympic presence, ultimately contributing to the ongoing innovation across Colorado Springs’ key industries. From ice technicians to orthopedic surgeons, Colorado Springs’ locals are taking their homegrown talent to the Olympics and back home again.

All the Sports

There are 59 national and international sport organizations headquartered in Colorado Springs, which send numerous non-athlete delegates to the Olympics. Paired with the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee that also calls Colorado Springs home, our sports assets are as diverse as they are skilled. That’s a lot of high-performing brain-power raising our region, and our athletes, to Olympic heights.

USA Hockey Instagram Post

USA Hockey on its way to representing in PyeongChang

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