January 13, 2021

The Final Days: Colorado Springs Makes Last Stride to Secure U.S. Space Command

Satellite in Space

A virtual meeting in December coupled with an in-person visit at the start of January led a team from the Pentagon to spend the day at Peterson Air Force Base to put the finishing touches on a report that will decide whether Colorado Springs gets to keep U.S. Space Command. The final decision will come this month. Colorado Springs, along with the entire state of Colorado, has been working tirelessly to garner the title as the home for U.S. Space Command. With five military installations, a strong aerospace and defense talent pipeline, and a rich military legacy—Colorado Springs is ready to protect our skies.

Active Steps to Secure U.S. Space Command

In February 2020, the Colorado Springs USSPACECOM campaign officially launched. The Chamber & EDC, along with community and state partners, retained consulting services with three agencies who advise strategies and execute tactics:

In May 2020, Peterson Air Force Base was notified that it would remain the provisional headquarters of USSPACECOM for at least six years, and now, in 2021, we await the final decision on the permanent home. A notable factor in this waiting period is the continued support from the military and lawmakers throughout the year. For instance, in June 2020, state lawmakers passed legislation that made it easier for military spouses to transfer professional licenses to Colorado, while local and state leaders worked to improve roads around Peterson and other Pikes Peak region bases.

Additionally, Colorado Springs has created incentives for the military, including discounted utility rates and tax breaks for construction contractors to help enhance amenities at Peterson. Matt Anderson, an Air Force colonel and spokesman for the year-old Space Force Association, said in December of 2020 that his organization is convinced the U.S. Space Command should be kept in Colorado Springs for military reasons alone. Plus, U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner, U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn, Gov Jared Polis, Mayor John Suthers, and many others have been strong advocates throughout the process to keep U.S. Space Command in Colorado – for good.

Collaboration is key  

When it comes to achieving goals, partnerships are immensely important. The Denver Metro EDC, Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade, and the Governor & Lt. Governor’s offices are key partners that have allowed Colorado Springs’ aerospace and defense industry to expand.

  • Metro Denver EDC, with support from the Chamber & EDC, OEDIT, and the Colorado Space Coalition, took the lead in producing the video below to highlight Colorado’s strong aerospace and defense industry. The video was a part of the community’s virtual presentation to Air Force inspection committees last month.
  • Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade and Colorado Space Coalition have been key partners in supporting our “Win USSPACECOM” campaign and bringing together industry partners to advance our messaging.
  • Governor Polis met with President Trump ahead of Trump’s rally in Colorado Springs last February and urged him to keep USSPACECOM headquarters in Colorado. Additionally, Governor Polis formally endorsed both Colorado Springs and Aurora as candidates for USSAPCECOM headquarters.
  • Governor Primavera submitted the formal bid on behalf of Colorado Springs and Aurora during the initial selection process. She also served as the primary liaison between Pentagon officials and the state of Colorado before Colorado Springs was named a finalist.

In the race to host U.S. Space Command, Colorado Springs is light years ahead

Moving USSPACECOM would be a tremendous disruption to the new command’s mission focus and readiness. Staying in Colorado is the most cost-effective, least risky, and overall, most ideal choice for the mission and return on investment for taxpayers. Only one location in the country has the existing military and commercial infrastructure, the existing aerospace workforce and talent pipeline, along with a community focused on caring for military families.

Contact us or visit our Space Command webpage to learn more about why we are the perfect place to house the U.S. Space Command, permanently with a supportive military community, growing city, and five military installations.