January 20, 2021

Introducing our 2021 New and Renewing Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is made up of business and civic leaders who guide our ship through sunny days and turbulent times. The outcome of this past fall’s strategic planning sessions resulted in our definition of what’s most important to accomplish in 2021. Through leadership, collaboration, and advocacy, we will assist the region’s business community in recovering from the pandemic. This year, we’re welcoming six new Directors; have two Directors returning for a second term; adding three replacing Directors to our roster; as well as an ex-officio. We are eager to gain insights and listen to fresh ideas as we work through our 2021 Game Plan.

One of our strategic priorities adopted in 2020 is to cultivate a strong and inclusive business environment. We prioritized proactively recruiting and reflecting the diversity of the business community on our Board of Directors, because we know that diverse backgrounds and thought create innovation. Passionate leadership is the foundation of a strong Chamber & EDC and our new class will enrich our work with their unique skillsets and experiences.

You can meet Mike Juran, CEO and co-founder of Altia, and our 2021 Board Chair here. There’s a good chance you know Mike, as he’s an active Colorado Springs Champion in our community. There’s an even better chance you’re familiar with his products. Altia’s digital displays are in most cars and constantly expanding to everything from Harleys to home appliances. Altia was recently recognized as a Colorado Companies to Watch winner.

Introducing our 2021 New and Renewing Board of Directors


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