September 5, 2023

National Self-Care Month: Exploring Wellness and Health in Colorado Springs

A family out on a hike in Colorado Springs.
A family out on a hike in Colorado Springs.

While it’s always a good time to take a moment for yourself, National Self Care Month — celebrated every September — provides a timely excuse to slow down. And if you’re looking for the perfect way to indulge, Colorado Springs’ lush landscape, healthy eating options, and pamper-friendly small businesses make it easy to feel better mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

Here are just a few of the self-care businesses and outdoor retreats that contribute to the greater wellbeing of the Pikes Peak region. 

Healthy Eating  

Whether you’re vegan, pescatarian, or on a paleo diet, Colorado Springs is a haven for delicious and nutritious foods. Feel your best at any one of these diet-friendly restaurants and establishments: 

  • Rush Bowls: Based in Boulder, CO, Rush Bowls recently opened its newest location in Colorado Springs near Interquest Parkway in mid-2023. Offering a range of honest, healthy, and all-natural smoothie bowls brimming with fresh fruit and rich protein, the catering and dine in business takes pride in catering to each customer’s individual dietary restrictions. 
  • Outside the Breadbox: Family-owned since 2003, Outside the Breadbox is a gluten-free bakery with a variety of vegan, dairy-free, and non-GMO products. While the bakery offers direct shipping, you can also purchase their breads, bagels, pizza crusts, and pies from several natural food stores throughout Colorado Springs. 
  • TILL Neighborhood Bistro & Bar: Looking to satisfy your health kick and your comfort food craving all at once?  TILL Neighborhood Bistro & Bar’s Palisade Peach Risotto won the Taste of Pikes Peak in 2023. The bistro also offers a chef-picked menu of grilled fish, gluten-free and vegan options, and an extensive wine selection. 


Colorado Springs is renowned for its sports and was even rebranded as Olympic City USA based on the region being a mecca for Olympic athletes. Get fit year-round at any one of these popular destinations. 

  • Gripstone Climbing and Fitness: In 2019, Gripstone opened with over 14,000 square feet of climbing wall and more than 100 boulders to scale. The facility offers a climbing league for entry-to-advanced team-focused competitions and hosts several youth leagues and the Ladies Climbing Coalition.  
  • CityROCK: A versatile fitness facility that provides a range of cardio, yoga, and climbing classes for youth and adults, CityROCK is a popular destination for athletes in Colorado Springs. The Cave is a highlight of the facility — featuring 225 feet of artificial cave with 50 rock formations equipped with sensors that detect the proximity of spelunkers.  

Outdoor Recreation 

Colorado Springs and nature exploration are synonymous, whether you enjoy laid-back experiences like experiencing the unforgettable views of the Garden of the Gods or more thrilling adventures like hiking, biking, or jogging America’s mountain — Pikes Peak. 

  • Manitou Springs Incline: Located just 20 minutes from downtown Colorado Springs, the Manitou Springs Incline is an intense hike that provides a heightened sense of accomplishment for all ages. The challenging ascent to the summit is comprised of 2,744 steps with an elevation gain of 2,020 feet and offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Garden of the Gods and Colorado Springs.  
  • Pikes Peak: While the 19th century explorer Zebulon Pike may never have reached the top of Pikes Peak — you’ll have every opportunity to do so in Colorado Springs. Make an honorable attempt at reaching the summit of the 14,000-foot mountain during the Pikes Peak Marathon — a community-wide event with hundreds of participants. 

Spas and Wellness  

After a day of hiking or mountain biking, pamper yourself in the Pikes Peak region at one of countless self-care and relaxation small businesses. 

  • The Spa at the Broadmoor: A luxurious retreat focused on rejuvenation, the Broadmoor Spa offers a serene escape and a range of treatments and services, combining top-notch amenities with a tranquil ambiance.  
  • The Strata Spa at Garden of the Gods Resort & Club: Elevate your relaxation experience with a deep tissue massage at the Strata Spa while overlooking magnificent views of the sandstone rocks and expansive vistas of Pikes Peak. Unwind even further in the spa’s herbal sauna or soft pack bed — designed to provide a therapeutic and weightless environment where the tension just floats away.  
  • The Beauty Bar: With a team of highly trained stylists and nail artists, the Beauty Bar fosters strong client relationships and pays meticulous attention to individual beautification needs. 

The list of wellness-boosting activities and healthy eating options never ends in Colorado Springs. Learn more about opening a small business in the city, and if you’re interested in starting your own business in the Pikes Peak region, contact us for information on how you can begin to build partnerships and community recognition.