August 31, 2023

Kidstrong Helps Parents Set Up Their Kids for Bright Futures

By Jayne Mhono, Communications Manager


“As someone involved in health and wellness, Kidstrong checked all the boxes for me to take the leap in opening my first business,” said Chris Patton, owner of Kidstrong Colorado Springs.

Since opening in 2022, Kidstrong has helped parents nurture active, confident, and independent children through physical activities that build on their abilities and prepare them to be successful in life. Kidstrong has transformed early learning by providing a curriculum that enhances a child’s character and brain development. Early learning supports children’s lifelong learning, health, and well-being, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Future-ready Curriculum

Kidstrong works with children aged one year to 11 years and runs 45-minute-long classes with custom equipment and certified coaches. “We have nine employees. I try to manage them by creating an environment that they want to be a part of,” said Patton. “Luckily, with what we do day in and day out, it creates a place where they know their work makes a measurable difference in the lives of the kids and families that are a part of our program.”

What started as an idea by two founding parents to help their daughter become strong and independent led to the creation of a team of experts that built a unique curriculum on building stronger kids through innovative training. Kidstrong has grown with a presence across the Nation.

Early Learning Classes

Kidstrong Colorado Springs offers classes throughout the week for children to learn alongside their peers while reinforcing confidence, teamwork, physical fitness, social skills, and good sportsmanship. Each session is led by two professionally trained and experienced coaches with a passion for child development and education.

Patton believes the program’s success results from its focus on character, brain, and physical development. Although many small businesses face marketing challenges, Kidstrong’s clients have been a big part of its marketing effort. “With us being a newer concept, the challenge has been getting the word out and becoming a part of the thought process for busy parents to get their kids signed up for a program,” said Patton. “Luckily, we’re turning that corner with so many existing members and parents sharing their kids’ progress on social media.”

Patton intends to expand his business with plans to open a second location in the city. His advice to aspiring business owners is to be prepared financially, find great talent, and develop a passion for your business.

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