November 16, 2017

Five Reasons to Be Thankful for Colorado Springs

Fishermen on Crystal Reservoir in Cascade Colorado on in the fall

Here in Colorado Springs, there’s plenty for which to be thankful. From our city’s booming industries to its top-notch quality of life, countless factors make Colorado Springs the perfect place to call home. Here are five of the many reasons why we’re thankful for Colorado Springs this year:

Talent That Works Hard: One of Colorado Springs’ many sources of strength is our workforce–which brings together a perfect mix of homegrown talent and outside expertise. Thanks in part to our top-tier universities, more than 38 percent of the population holds a bachelor’s degree or higher. Some of the nation’s best and brightest veterans call Colorado Springs home as well. All in all, it adds up to a reliable and diverse workforce that’s fueling our city’s growth.

Innovation Everywhere: Not every city gets to experience the creativity and innovation that are second nature to Colorado Springs. From tech startups getting major funding to breweries testing new frontiers of flavor, our city is constantly progressing toward something new. Events like Colorado Springs Startup Week and incubators such as Peak Startup ensure that fledgling businesses get the support they need to thrive.

Our Accessible Location: Not only are we constantly thankful for our location just minutes from the Rocky Mountains, but these days we’re more accessible than ever–thanks to Colorado Springs Airport’s new flights to and from seven destinations across the nation. And whether you’re flying internationally for the holidays or for business, Denver International Airport is just a quick trip north.

Small-Town Feel: We’re proud to be Colorado’s second-largest city, and thankful to have a booming downtown cultural scene that ranks among the nation’s best. But what makes Colorado Springs unique is that we still maintain the perks of a small town, like the traditional events and festivals that bring our community together. The holiday season is one of the best times to enjoy what makes this tight-knit city so special.

Quality of Life: It’s simple–here in Colorado Springs, we’re thankful for the sheer beauty all around us, and all the recreation opportunities it provides. From the breathtaking sandstone towers at Garden of the Gods to the snow-capped Rockies behind them, few cities have a better backdrop than ours. With top notch outdoor activities, healthcare and sports medicine, staying healthy and happy is easy here in Olympic City USA.