November 16, 2017

Small biz spotlight: Luisa Graff Jewelers combines love of jewelry and family

Luisa Graff Jewelers

With Small Business Saturday just around the corner on Nov. 25, we are featuring some of our small business members. Small businesses, ones with 25 employees or less, make up the majority of our Chamber & EDC membership and help drive our region forward.

Q & A with Luisa Graff, CEO of Luisa Graff Jewlers

Tell us about your business.

We are a family-owned jewelry store that focuses on quality, education, and service. Our team consists of 28 individuals – with a core staff of three experienced jewelers, two others who are gemologists, and five gemological students. Because of our depth of knowledge and talent, we can cover the range of needs in the community – from jewelry repair and maintenance to custom modifications and original design. Branding our store as “Where Colorado Gets Engaged,” we hand-select every diamond sold while also taking the time to educate our guests. We are unique in that we sell a full array of natural colored gemstones, in an increasingly synthetic marketplace.

What is your favorite part about owning a business?

Being able to protect our guests from all the misinformation and unprofessional product pushing that is too prevalent in the industry, and creating jobs that allow people to grow in a great career.

What makes small business unique?

Freedom! We are so blessed to live in the USA. I am an immigrant, so I never take for granted all the choices we have here. And, as a woman, I still believe that in the USA we have more opportunities than anywhere else. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve others with integrity, to work hard, to have your work be appreciated, and to build something that you can leave to your children if they follow the same path. Working with my son is a particular blessing.

What makes Colorado Springs appealing for business?

It’s all about the lifestyle and community. Colorado Springs is a great place to raise a family and develop true friendships. There is always so much to do with the mountains in our own backyard., and the people that live here are wonderful.  Being a military family, we enjoy supporting the military.

What advice would you give to other small businesses?

Don’t lose heart and don’t give up.  Building a business takes longer than you think it will and requires more work than you expect but it can be done and it is amazing – so keep on dreaming.