April 16, 2021

Establish Roots and Launch a Career in Colorado Springs

Whether you now have a work-from-home job or thinking about a career change, relocation is on everyone’s mind. Fortunately, opportunities are endless in Colorado Springs due to a supportive business atmosphere mixed with the mountain peaks, attracting those looking for a place to put down roots. According to data from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, the Colorado Springs area has the highest job recovery rate amid the pandemic compared to other areas of the state. 2020 Migration Trends also show that Colorado is in the top 10 states for growth as self-movers continue to migrate. This past year was hard on our city, just like everywhere around the world, but our resiliency has shown through every step of the way.

Settling Down

From the office door to the trail in 20-minutes—Colorado Springs is the ideal location to pursue a career for those seeking an active lifestyle with a passion for the outdoors. Cultivate your cultural side with a leisurely walk to explore outdoor art, museums – like the brand new United States Olympic and Paralympic Museum, which opened in summer 2020 – and dozens of galleries. Indulge in one of Colorado’s newest foodie scenes, complete with craft breweries, distilleries, a new food hall, a brand-new Piano bar with a tasty drink and food menu and top chefs, all the while being close to your workspace. Enjoy a game with friends or colleagues at the brand new Switchbacks Stadium, which will open in this spring. Seating in the stadium includes beautiful views of the Rockies and app-based food pick-up to eliminate waiting in line at the concession stand.








(Public art being installed along the exterior of the Switchbacks Stadium.)

The business climate is booming in Colorado Springs, with gains in virtually every industry. The quality of life appeals to all walks of life. In the top ten cities with the highest percentage of millennials, Colorado Springs has the sixth-highest share, 26.4 percent of its population. Need help figuring out financials? Stunning views with a surprising value, The Chamber & EDC Cost of Living Calculator will break down prices for home, rentals, utilities, and other quality of life components compared to other cities across the country.

Starting a Business  

The pandemic tragically and temporarily closed a lot of businesses and forced others to pivot completely. Franklin and John Wolfe saw their careers halt in New York as theater doors closed during the pandemic. The duo decided to transplant to Josh’s hometown of Colorado Springs and open ICONS, now the downtown area’s only food & beverage establishment designed and geared toward the LGBTQIA community.

Colorado Springs has a business-friendly climate with resources at your fingertips to get you started in any industry, from IT, cybersecurity, aerospace & defense to manufacturing. Some of those business-friendly resources include Catalyst Campus and Exponential Impact.

Catalyst Campus brings together large and small businesses, entrepreneurs, academia, venture capital, and workforce training to create breakthrough solutions. According to a recent study, the Catalyst Campus supports the growth of the downtown Colorado Springs economy to over 1,000 employees and $270M in economic impact from a combined direct, indirect, and induced effect on the economy. The experts at this facility can help with real-time research into areas such as commercial augmentation of space capabilities and cutting-edge R&D facilities. This space is critical for meeting the needs of the U.S. Air Force and Space Force.

Located next to the National Cybersecurity Center and the University of Colorado Springs, Exponential Impact is a nonprofit committed to giving entrepreneurs the best start humanly possible in Colorado Springs. The facility supports entrepreneurs from seed to scale and provides accelerator and incubator programs.

The Small Business Advisory Council provides advocacy and support to small business Chamber & EDC members. Colorado Springs can help take your business ideas to their peak—contact us to learn more.