April 29, 2019

Colorado Springs in the Space Race for new U.S. Space Command

Colorado Springs has blanketed the news lately with talks on the U.S. Space Command Center looking for a city to call home, and the recent Space information sharing and analysis center (ISAC), which has landed in the National Cybersecurity Center (NCC). Colorado is the nation’s second-largest space economy behind California, with more than 500 aerospace related companies and suppliers. As those numbers continue to grow, it is no wonder our city is on the map as a potential candidate for the home of the new U.S. Space Command Center.

Nation’s First Space ISAC to be based in Colorado Springs

The 35th annual Space Symposium recently took place in Colorado Springs in early April, hosting the largest gathering of space professionals in the world. During a classified session at the event, it was announced that Colorado Springs will be home to the space industry’s first ISAC, based at the National Cybersecurity Center. The Cybersecurity Center is a national leader in cybersecurity commerce, employment, and innovation opening the door for a growing number of IT companies, higher education, and national defense organizations to look to Colorado Springs for opportunities. The ISAC is backed by initial funding and support from the Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc., which will pay $75,000 per year in dues as a founding member.

The ISAC collaborates with global space industries to enhance the ability to prepare for and respond to vulnerabilities, incidents, and threats. Looking to join? ISAC members will also have access to Colorado’s space and cybersecurity ecosystems, including both the commercial and defense sectors

Our unique city continues to harness a reputation as a tech, cyber, and space hub. Cybersecurity jobs are equaling 2.7% of the total economic impact of the city. This upswing can be attributed to professionals leaving military service looking for jobs and an expansion of cybersecurity programs at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak Community College.

Colorado Springs in the running for new U.S. Space Command home

In other news, President Donald Trump launched the Pentagon’s new Space Command on December 18th, 2018, as an effort to better organize the military’s actions in space to better streamline operations. Over the next five years, an estimated $800 million will be invested in the new Space Command, prompting many cities and states to express interest in becoming its new home base. Since that announcement, there have been a number of proposed cities and states for the Command Center’s new home, including Colorado Springs which already serves as a basecamp to many space assets. Local Air Force General Jay Raymond currently wears dual roles as commanders of both Air Force Space Command at Peterson Air Force Base and United States Space Command. Raymond is the Pentagon’s top official with a dedicated focus on space.

The projected manpower for the United States Space Command is 1,450 personnel, including 390 military officers, 183 enlisted personnel, 827 civilians, and 50 contractors.

Looking to the Future 

With an immense concentration of defense and cybersecurity businesses, commercial aerospace companies, a skilled engineering workforce, and military bases and commands, Colorado Springs is a national epicenter for the aerospace and defense industries.

These exciting developments will help continue to shed light on the innovation and growth happening right here in Colorado Springs. You can learn more about Colorado Springs’ leading aerospace industry here or contact us for more information.