April 4, 2019

The sky is only the beginning for Colorado Springs’ aerospace and defense industry

Exhaust Flumes on Aerospace Transport

The city is currently hosting the largest gathering of space professionals in the world, the 35th Annual Space Symposium (April 8-11). Colorado Springs’ aerospace and defense industry is poised for more economic growth and national recognition this spring.

Each year Colorado Springs plays host to the premier event for space professionals, which strengthens the city’s industry and bolsters its strong reputation for aerospace innovation. The Space Symposium is truly an all-encompassing event, featuring prominent speakers, innovative exhibits, and exclusive networking with the best and brightest in the industry. The Space Symposium, paired with the city’s already booming aerospace industry, positions Colorado Springs as the nation’s epicenter for all things space innovation.

America’s Second-Largest Aerospace Economy

With $12 billion in annual economic impact, more than 240 aerospace and defense companies and over 105,000 people working in the field, it’s safe to say that Colorado Springs plays a significant role in Colorado’s rank as the second-largest aerospace economy in the United States.

Colorado Springs’ aerospace industry is also fueled in large part by the partnerships between the military and the private sector. In fact, five military installations operate out of Colorado Springs: Air Force Academy, Peterson Air Force Base, Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, Fort Carson Army Post, and Schriever Air Force Base. But did you know that major players in the aerospace economy also choose to operate in Colorado Springs?

Our Companies and Workers Reach for the Stars

Colorado Springs’ strong concentration of aerospace companies and organizations contribute to the area’s reputation as a hub for industry-leading companies. Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and Kratos Defense are just a few industry leaders that operate in Colorado Springs. The city is also home to innovators like Boecore, Inc., a small business that provides clients with top-notch engineering and information technology solutions, as well as Harris Corporation, a technology innovator that supports customers’ across the world with their toughest mission-critical challenges.

Polaris Alpha is another company that’s drawing eyes to Colorado Springs’ aerospace industry. The high-tech company has over 1,200 technical experts that lead the way in next-generation national security solutions.

These cutting-edge aerospace companies are powered by Colorado Springs’ talented workforce and educational programs. Colorado Springs has more than 55,000 employees in the aerospace industry. Additionally, the United States Air Force Academy has the nation’s No. 2 astronautical engineering undergraduate program, providing students with unique opportunities to study astronautics, space physics, and interdisciplinary space operations. The University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) is also the lead university in the Space Education Consortium, further strengthening Colorado Springs’s talent pool.

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