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Meet the talented individuals who make up the Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC team.

Dirk Draper
President & Chief Executive Officer ddraper@cscedc.com
Chris Carlson
Executive Assistant ccarlson@cscedc.com
Hannah Parsons
Chief Economic Development Officer (719) 884-2834 | hparsons@cscedc.com
Tammy Fields
Senior Vice President, Economic Development (719) 884-2836 | tfields@cscedc.com
Kathleen Johnson
Director, Market Research kjohnson@cscedc.com
Rebekah Adair
Economic Development Analyst (719) 884-2828 | RAdair@cscedc.com
Andy Merritt
Chief Defense Industry Officer amerritt@cscedc.com
Samantha Gunther
Military Affairs Council and Defense Programs Coordinator (719) 884-2829 | sgunther@cscedc.com
Rachel Beck
Government Affairs Manager (719) 884-4530 | rbeck@cscedc.com
Nora Hardin
Senior Vice President, Membership and Events (719) 884-4511 | nhardin@cscedc.com
Eddie Quinn
Membership Development Executive (719) 884-2840 | equinn@cscedc.com
Carly Hoff
Community Development Program Manager (719) 575-4329 | choff@cscedc.com
Shawn Seaford
Director, Events and Investor Relations (719) 884-2832 | sseaford@cscedc.com
Beth Toulon
Administrative Assistant (719) 884-4524 | btoulon@cscedc.com
Julie Swanson
Operations Manager jswanson@cscedc.com
Veronica Quinones
First Impressions Specialist vquinones@cscedc.com
Marion Davis
Accounting Clerk mdavis@cscedc.com
Marjori Langhoff
Accountant mlanghoff@cscedc.com

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