December 23, 2016

A Word from Dirk: Congratulations Greg Phillips

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Dirk Draper, President and CEO

It was recently announced that Greg Phillips was named aviation director for the Colorado Springs Airport. I was very pleased to receive this news.

Last week, I participated in interviews of four strong candidates for the position. Greg was top of my list.  He impressed the entire interview panel with his energy, his direct style, and his clear grasp of opportunities and challenges at his future home.

Greg’s background with the construction of DIA seasons his tenure at regional airports to provide him a balanced perspective on our mid-sized airport.  His experience in organizational development – outside the aviation industry – equips him well to lead a high-performing team.  His West Point education and Army service will ease his transition into our City.

Kudos! to Mayor Suthers and Chief of Staff Jeff Greene for moving quickly to fill an important position in our region’s economic development.  I look forward to Greg joining our community and extending the Airport’s positive trends of 2016.

Greg, congratulations and welcome to Colorado Springs!

– Dirk Draper