August 29, 2019

Sports and medical technology in Colorado Springs are changing the game

Sports and medical technology in Colorado Springs

The success of our sports and healthcare industries are thanks in part to the rapid growth of medical technology in Colorado Springs. The region boasts a business-friendly environment that’s primed for innovation and includes a variety of companies operating in the biotechnology, medical, and diagnostic devices fields. In addition to several healthcare providers and forward-looking research institutions, medical technology in Colorado Springs is on the rise. In fact, Kaiser Permanente has leased space in the Premier Health Plaza in northern Colorado Springs, where the health giant plans to open its third medical clinic in early 2021.

Major players in the medical technology arena

Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region employ more than 42,000 people in the health care and social service industries. Medical technology supports 122,000 jobs in Colorado Springs.

When it comes to major companies, industry innovators like DePuy Synthes, Spectranetics, and dpiX, Inc. choose to call Colorado Springs home for its depth of knowledge and quality resources. A top-tier local innovator such as Bal Seal Engineering is pioneering custom-engineered, implantable products that improve patient care. From engineering custom artificial limbs to advancing processes for chemical sensitivity screening, Colorado Springs’ medical technology companies are paving the way for innovative products and procedures.

Sports technology and medicine are reaching new heights

Our region does not fall short in the sports technology and medicine fields either. As the home of several acclaimed sports institutions and organizations, Colorado Springs’ is the perfect playing field for future growth because it’s at the epicenter of an extensive sports industry. By the numbers, Colorado Springs is home to 59 national sports organizations, 23 National Governing Bodies of sport, and 15,000 athletes.

The region’s deep roots in the sports industry make it prime for future growth. For example, the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee’s sports medicine division and clinic is located in Colorado Springs and is a world-class leader in utilizing research and medical technology to maintain athletes’ health. The demands of the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee and the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Center also bolster the region’s medical technology advancements by creating a high concentration of medical specialists.

The game-changing Hybl Sports Medicine and Performance Center is another revolutionary development for our region. With plans to open in June 2020, it is an extremely attractive force for out-of-state patients who are seeking sports-related healthcare. Not only will this facility advance medical technology in Colorado Springs, but the center will also promote the concept of “Exercise as Medicine.” Specifically, it will utilize protocols developed with athletes and translate them to testing and exercise prescriptions for patients with diseases ranging from diabetes to cancer.

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