September 6, 2019

Small businesses and startups in Colorado Springs are making a name for themselves

Small businesses and startups in Colorado Springs

As the birthplace of GPS technology and the first floppy disc drives, Colorado Springs has innovation engraved in its DNA and entrepreneurs and visionaries are taking note. While it’s no secret that small businesses and startups thrive in Colorado Springs, the city is consistently recognized as a hotbed for entrepreneurs and startups.

Whether you’re a maker, a techie or a visionary, Colorado Springs provides the support and resources that businesses need to grow and thrive. Even better, Colorado Springs is just as affordable as it is innovative.

As Inc. put it, “Colorado Springs offers a rare combo of being a city with great tech opportunities, natural beauty, and being affordable enough to make a successful business without the pressure of having to immediately succeed in order to make it.”

On top of its accessibility to capital, our collaborative environment includes Olympians and veterans turned entrepreneurs, standout startups, downtown businesses, and a handful of other unique partnerships. Let’s dive into some of the small businesses and startups that are making waves in the area.

An inside look at the small business and startup success stories in Colorado Springs

For starters, Hannah Parsons, CEO of Exponential Impact, deliberately chose to locate the security tech accelerator in Colorado Springs to help diversify the community and compete with strong local and national competitors. The accelerator has garnered a significant amount of first-time tech investments because of the business’ location.

Bluestaq LLC is focused on delivering advanced software systems to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). In fact, the tech company recently secured a significant contract with the DoD to develop a Space Situational Awareness Marketplace program. We also selected them to participate in our cyber diversification program.

Clover Network began as a small-business payment processing arm within First Data. After steady growth,  a Silicon Valley company acquired them and plans to more than double the size of its technology operation in Colorado Springs, growing to 125 employees by the end of 2020.

Once upon a time, Clay Guillory had a hobby of 3D printing in his garage. Today, he’s the founder and CEO of Titan Robotics, which builds and sells large-scale, industrial 3D printers, provides 3D printing services, and helps produce everything from prosthetics to footwear to car parts. As proof of its growth in the area, the company recently announced it’s expanding to a 21,000 square foot building to accommodate for its rapid growth.

Taking time to celebrate Colorado Springs’ innovators

The 5th annual Colorado Springs Startup Week will be held from September 9-13th and is a week-long celebration of innovation, entrepreneurialism, and the creative spaces in Colorado Springs. The event will feature free workshops, networking, and speaking events designed to connect and support innovators, entrepreneurs, and community builders of all kinds with 1,000 people expected to attend.

Title sponsors of the Startup Week are the City of Colorado Springs Olympic City USA, Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC, Colorado Springs Utilities, and Downtown Partnership.

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