August 15, 2019

National Aviation Day won’t fly under the radar in Colorado Springs’ aviation industry

Colorado Springs's Aviation Industry

Colorado Springs has every reason to celebrate National Aviation Day on August 19th. Home to industry leaders like Lockheed Martin, Advantage Manufacturing, Sierra Nevada Corporation, and Trine Aerospace, Colorado Springs’ aviation industry is truly one of a kind.

The diverse manufacturing industry coupled with one of the largest foreign trade zones in the country, make Colorado Springs an ideal environment for aviation companies to thrive. Let’s glide into the details of why Colorado Springs is a great location for major aviation companies.

Fly into the center of the country at the Colorado Springs’ Airport

Located at the heart of the U.S. is the Colorado Springs Airport (COS). Named Colorado’s 2019 Airport of the Year, COS is known for accessible and efficient travel services along with the fifth longest runway in the country, making it ideal for large and specialty aircrafts such as military airliners. In fact, the Colorado Springs’ airport is the state’s only military joint-use aviation facility, partnering with Peterson Air Force Base.

Our airport doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. As a matter of fact, COS is expanding their aviation services by adding new commercial and manufacturer flights. The airport is also supporting the region’s manufacturing industry with the growing Peak Innovation Park. The 900-acre business park is located at the airport’s Opportunity Zone and has ample space for manufacturers to thrive. The global tech giant Amazon recently launched an $8.4 million, 66,000-square-foot delivery center at the COS airport and added 600 jobs to the community.

Soaring into Colorado Springs’ aviation history

Colorado Springs has a rich aviation and space history, which can be explored by visiting the Peterson Air and Space Museum and the National Museum of World War II Aviation. With five major military aviation installations, the Air Force Space CommandNorth American Aerospace Defense CommandMissile Defense Integration and Operations Center and the United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs is the perfect destination for one of 12 United States Air Force Field Museums.

The museum opened in 1982 as a visitor center for the North American Aerospace Defense Command and is in the original airport Passenger Terminal, with exhibits inside the original City Hangar and Broadmoor Hangar. Its heritage items keep alive the stories of the Colorado Springs civilian and military aviation history.

The aviation history, manufacturer amenities and robust workforce are just a few reasons why industry leaders are reaching new heights in Colorado Springs. Contact us to learn more about Colorado Springs’ aviation industry, growing airport and more.