March 1, 2022

Lumien makes leap into US market with Colorado Springs base

Pictured: Gareth Rowe, chief operating officer, Lumien, and Cecilia Harry, chief economic development officer, Colorado Springs Chamber & Economic Development Corporation in Colorado Springs, Feb. 2022

$40 million investment will advance technology, create new jobs

Colorado Springs, Colo. – Employee wellbeing platform provider, Lumien, is launching into the US market with its first stateside base in Colorado Springs.

The award-winning, Birmingham, UK-based mental health platform was launched in 2019 to empower individuals to take control of their own health and wellbeing, integrating with employers’ processes to help them manage workplace mental health more effectively.

By launching in the US, Lumien is looking to take this one step further, helping to create a world where employee welfare is the most important attribute.

Expanding in the states

Lumien established its first US base in Colorado Springs due to its positive, healthy lifestyle.

The move comes after a huge spike in resignation rates in the US during 2021, nicknamed ‘The Great Resignation’, which has highlighted the need for greater investment into workplace culture to support both employers and employees. By launching in the US, Lumien is leading the way for employers to embed wellness and culture into their business strategy.

Dr Christopher Golby, co-founder and director at Lumien, highlights the background of the company’s decision to establish its first US base in Colorado Springs:

“The essence of Colorado Springs aligns with Lumien’s core purpose, to get businesses talking and acting on workplace wellbeing. It’s a place that’s geared up for modern working life, as employees reflect on their priorities and expect a more enlightened employer.

Colorado Springs is an extremely good place for expanding businesses, as its time zone allows you to communicate with Europe and Asia within the same working day.

Colorado Springs offers support, not just within the business community, but also across the large veteran community, presenting Lumien with a unique opportunity to support those who dedicate their lives to the US Armed Forces.”

Over recent years, the city’s focus on wellbeing and a positive lifestyle has been attracting a growing number of people and businesses, and Lumien hopes to become a central part of this, as it demonstrates the importance of a wellbeing strategy for US businesses.

The Colorado Springs Chamber & Economic Development Corporation assisted Lumien with its US launch and will continue helping with its stateside integration and growth. The company’s focus on health and wellbeing, coupled with the platform’s innovative technology, made Lumien a perfect fit for the local business community. Cecilia Harry, CEcD, chief economic development officer at the Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC, notes:

“Lumien’s founding team has an international track record of disrupting and improving technology to support health and wellbeing. The Pikes Peak region is known for its innovation and healthy lifestyles, making it a perfect place for its headquarters. We’re excited about Lumien’s decision to locate in Colorado Springs and to help the brand grow here.”

Workplace mental health

Today’s workplace is completely different to two years ago. The pandemic has had a major, worldwide impact on mental health, and it’s never been more important to take action.

Emphasizing the importance of taking a proactive approach in this turbulent workplace environment, Chris says:

“Companies need to proactively invest in giving their leaders ‘tools’ to monitor and respond to wellbeing issues. With many businesses struggling to fill posts, the stakes are high. Job vacancies are at record levels, with many businesses struggling to recruit even when offering higher salaries.

“Our launch into the US comes at a critical time in helping to protect and improve workplace mental health in an area that’s prioritizing a higher standard of life with a growing entrepreneurial community.”

Lumien’s platform focuses on creating a robust wellbeing strategy for workplaces, helping to get wellbeing and culture on every board meeting agenda in a time where employees need it most.

Pictured: Gareth Rowe, chief operating officer, Lumien, and Cecilia Harry, chief economic development officer, Colorado Springs Chamber & Economic Development Corporation in Colorado Springs, Feb. 2022

For more information on embedding wellness into your business, visit Lumien or call 0330 120 0835.

For more information on launching a business presence in Colorado Springs, visit Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC.