June 17, 2020

Encourage local spending: a toolkit for businesses

We’re here to help you recruit customers and encourage local spending at your business. Below are four messaging pillars you can use in your own content to increase consumer confidence, encourage local spending at your business, and build community.

Support local

Did you know that when you shop at a locally-owned business that 68% of the dollars stay in the community, versus 43% when shop at non-local businesses? You can encourage local spending by including quick stats like this one in your social, newsletter, and website content. Download our toolkit that includes graphics you can use in your own messaging. Talk about what it is like being local and part of the Colorado Springs community. How are you supporting fellow businesses during COVID-19?

Be transparent

Now more than ever, consumers want to see the faces behind brands and the human side of business. People connect with people. Connect with consumers through transparency – unveil the hardships of COVID-19, share how your business has adjusted, celebrate moments of positivity, and thank those who have made a difference. Be sure to acknowledge the consumer hesitation of shopping in-person – safety is everyone’s top concern. Be clear about how your business is fostering a safe environment and mitigating risk for consumers and employees by posting our “We Are Staying Safe” signs in your windows.

Share your story

Invite consumers to join in your business journey – share the celebrations (from business milestones to new and returning employees) and discuss the challenges it has faced. How have you adjusted? What role have consumers played in that story, and what role can they play? What does the day to day look like now that your store is open again? These stories can not only motivate consumers, but also inspire and help other businesses.

Be a member of the community

There is at least one thing that COS business owners and consumers have in common – they are members of the COS community. And everyone takes pride in their city! Promote community by speaking directly to Colorado Springs about Colorado Springs. Why did you choose the Pikes Peak region to start your business? How are you giving back to Colorado Springs (to the community, economy, other local businesses, etc.) during COVID-19 and in general?