Kristi Nelson: Inspiring Optimism, Champion of Change

Kristi Nelson, a Northern Kentucky native, has carved an indelible mark as a Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel at Pomeroy. With an extensive portfolio overseeing human capital management, legal affairs, and facilities, Kristi’s multifaceted role extends to strategic decision-making, employee relations, compliance, and risk management.

A graduate from Arizona State University and Salmon P. Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University, Kristi’s legal acumen extends across Kentucky and Ohio, shaping her instrumental role in advising Pomeroy on a spectrum of critical areas.

Beyond her corporate pursuits, Kristi’s impact transcends boardrooms. Her commitment to community service is evident through her roles on esteemed boards like the St. Elizabeth Healthcare Board of Trustees, the Northern Kentucky Convention Center Corporation Board of Directors, and the Health Collaborative Board of Directors. Her involvement isn’t confined to professional circles; she’s an advocate for the Northern Kentucky Children’s Advocacy Center, amplifying her dedication to uplifting local causes.

But Kristi’s story is not just one of corporate success and community involvement. Her journey took an unforeseen turn with a rare cancer diagnosis. Faced with adversity, she chose resilience. Her battle became a testament to unwavering determination, seeking treatment at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and emerging not just a survivor but a beacon of hope.

Her personal battle with cancer became a catalyst for change. Despite navigating challenging terrains, Kristi remains a personification of positivity, echoing an innate optimism that permeates her life and work. Her mantra, “Today is a great day,” is more than a phrase—it’s a guiding principle. Her follow up question, “What am I going to do with it?” is a reminder to seize each moment with purpose and drive.

Her family, husband Jeff, and daughter Emery hold a prominent place in her life, anchoring her amidst professional responsibilities and community endeavors.

Recognized as a 2023 NewsMaker by the Northern Kentucky Tribune and the 2023 Cincinnati Golf Classic Honoree helping raise a record of $815K to benefit the American Cancer Society, Kristi Nelson stands as an inspiration and role model, epitomizing the innate power of optimism and resilience in the face of adversity. Her unwavering dedication to empowering others and leaving a positive impact serves as a guiding light for all.