May 19, 2020

Kody Maynard

I have found a city that truly feels like home.

I share a connection with many Colorado Springs folks. My dad wore his blues to work every day and was saluted as he walked past cadets at the Air Force Academy, his last assignment before retiring.  I spent my high school years here in the Springs and enjoyed tons of the opportunities this town has to offer. As the dream of college became a reality, I charted a path across the country, working and learning about all our gorgeous country has to offer.  After completing a Bachelors and a Masters, I headed into the world as a young professional and finished my first year in the higher education sector.

Colorado Springs has an uncanny way of connecting individuals from near and far.  I got a phone call that a teaching position at my old school had opened up, and my love for learning and for the community was enough to put my name on the school’s radar.  The position opened my eyes to the world that I knew in my youth, but was excited to explore again as a young adult. I have been back in Colorado Springs teaching for the last year and a half.

I put my own roots in the soil and purchased my first house here this summer because I have found a city that truly feels like home.  I enjoy morning coffee framed by Pikes Peak, lunch at local eateries around town, afternoon hikes on the front range, and evening concerts and theater in our vibrant arts scene.  I am so thankful I have found a place that can fill my life with such invaluable moments that will be memories forever!

Kody Maynard is a Drama Educator and Director at Challenger Middle School.