June 10, 2022

Just Graduated? Find a Job in Colorado Springs

UCCS helps students find a job in Colorado Springs

If you’ve just graduated from high school or college, you might be pleased to learn that there are a multitude of job openings in Colorado Springs in every industry you can imagine, with new positions opening up every day. The city leads the nation for worker confidence in job security, career outlook, and financial situation. Distinguished for its cybersecurity expertise, Colorado Springs ranked No. 2 in LinkedIn’s top 10 cities where tech strength defies the pandemic, which noted the region is home to the Air Force Academy and University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS), both preparing the next generation of STEM professionals.

The Pikes Peak region has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the U.S. at 3.8% in March 2022. Whether you are looking for a career in aerospace & defense, healthcare, IT & cybersecurity, or sports, major employers in Colorado Springs are hiring, sure to have the right opportunity waiting for you.

Tips for Applying for a Job in Colorado Springs

There is more to getting hired than simply sending in an application and hoping for the best. To stand out from the hundreds (and potentially thousands) of applicants, job seekers must know what employers are looking for. An informational interview with an industry professional can help.

In an informational interview, a job seeker may interview either an employee of the company where they hope to work or someone with their desired role from another company. The information gleaned from these interviews can help during the actual interview with the prospective company. Good etiquette is paramount when requesting and conducting an informational interview— especially if it is someone the job seeker does not know personally.

The UCCS T. Rowe Price Career and Innovation Center is an excellent source of information and guidance for prospective students, current students, and alumni progressing toward a fulfilling career. From their career management platform to regular career fairs and mock interviews, the career center offers curated resources to help job seekers land the perfect job.

We sat down with Sarah Fillman, M.A., a pre-health career coach at the UCCS Career and Innovation Center to uncover some recent tips and facts that recent grads should be aware of:

  1. An estimated 95% of employers care more about experiences you have rather than what degree you have. Your major does not equal your career so try not to put yourself in a box. Learn about different professions through shadowing, volunteering, or informational interviews. Get connected through professional platforms like LinkedIn and don’t be afraid to connect! That is what it’s for!
  2. Be sure to research roles, industries and employers and connect yourself to their mission, vision, and values. Both for yourself and to highlight in future interviews.
  3. If you need a resume critique or want to run through a mock interview, the UCCS Career and Innovation Center services are accessible even as alumni. Make an appointment here: Starfish Appt.

Welcome Home to Colorado Springs

Beyond the many jobs, Colorado Springs also offers several initiatives to help new residents feel like they belong. In 2022, the Chamber & EDC launched Find Your COS — a suite of talent initiatives to help new talent get connected with industry professionals in the Pikes Peak region.

While Colorado Springs’ communities are friendly and inclusive by nature, it can be nice to have a personal guide during the relocation process. Connect Colorado Springs is a concierge program, connecting newcomers to the region with a local volunteer who helps familiarize them with the city. The new resident will gain insights into childcare options, neighborhood traits, and interest-based suggestions for recreation.

Hello Colorado Springs is another pilot program from Find Your COS, providing summer interns with social and professional engagements outside of work hours. This program is a powerful option for local interns to develop a network of professional relationships with similar interests and career aspirations.

Regardless of where you are in your job search, Colorado Springs has the perfect opportunity to take you to the next level. Read more about what it is like to work in Colorado Springs and search our job board to take the next step in your career journey.