October 8, 2019

Celebrating Cybersecurity Awareness Month in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs's cybersecurity industry
Young Female Government Employee Wearing Glasses Uses Tablet in System Control Center. In the Background Her Coworkers are at Their Workspaces with many Displays Showing Valuable Data.

This October, Colorado Springs is recognizing National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. In our increasingly digitally-connected world, Colorado Springs’ cybersecurity industry has risen to the top as a national leader in the industry. From big-name companies to government institutions, major players in the city’s cybersecurity ecosystem have the region poised for continued growth.

A million-dollar industry with room to grow

Colorado Springs has a rich history when it comes to cybersecurity and information technology. In fact, Colorado Springs became the first city to log in to the World Wide Web in 1968.

Today, the city’s cybersecurity industry has a $915 million impact, making it one of the biggest economic drivers in the region. Let’s explore how Colorado Springs is forging the future of cybersecurity.

Big names and game-changing innovators

Home to more than 125 cybersecurity companies and 140 information technology companies, Colorado Springs’ cybersecurity sector is a hotbed for innovation.

Lockheed Martin, a global giant with worldwide interests in aerospace, defense, security, and advanced technologies has five locations in Colorado Springs alone. Technology and innovation leader Raytheon also has a strong presence in the city, specializing in defense, civil government, and cybersecurity solutions. Additionally, Boeing, one of the largest global aerospace manufacturers, offers a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity and information management services in Colorado Springs.

On the startup and small business front, root9B is a startup that tops Cybersecurity Ventures’ list of the 500 most innovative cyber companies in the world. Other vibrant small businesses include Imprimis and Boecore, which have both seen notable success and growth in the region.

Tapping into a strong talent pool

With such a deep field of industry leaders at play in Colorado Springs, the city has found innovative ways – from workforce training to unique accelerator programs – to attract and cultivate a highly educated workforce that can support the area’s growing cybersecurity industry.

Colorado Springs is also leading the way for positive change by tapping into its strong, local talent pool of military veterans to fill cybersecurity jobs.

Colorado Springs proudly hosts five NSA-certified Centers of Academic Excellence that create the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. These include traditional higher education institutions like University of Colorado Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak Community College, technical schools like Colorado Technical University, and specialized IT training programs like SecureSet Academy and LeaderQuest.

Furthermore, the National Cybersecurity Center Student Alliance (NCCSA) was born in Colorado Springs and is designed to bridge the cyber talent gap. This school-based network of student-run chapters brings local students and chapter advisors together to develop core skills and provide opportunities for members to prepare for a vast array of career pathways in technology and cybersecurity.

From the classroom to the boardroom, Colorado Springs offers a wealth of resources for current and future cybersecurity professionals to excel in the city’s growing cybersecurity industry.

At the center of the nation’s cybersecurity infrastructure

Founded in 2016, the National Cybersecurity Center (NCC) operates in partnership with local higher education, military, and private companies to promote research, education, and innovation in the industry. The center is the parent of K-12 and higher education initiatives like the NCCSA and is another institution that powers Colorado Springs’s cybersecurity industry.

Complementing the numerous military and air force bases that operate in Colorado Springs, the NCC proves that cybersecurity has become just as important to national defense as traditional military operations. With an expanding ecosystem involving top companies, education programs, and national defense operations, Colorado Springs has established itself as a cybersecurity hub in the United States.

How to experience Cybersecurity Awareness Month in Colorado Springs

On October 25, Colorado Springs will play host to the 2nd Annual Cybersecurity Summit for Small Businesses. The event will feature two nationally recognized keynote speakers, one-on-one cybersecurity consulting, and interactive sessions for all levels of business and industries. Secure your spot to elevate your company’s cybersecurity knowledge or get in touch with our team to learn more around Colorado Springs’ cybersecurity industry.