September 19, 2022

Employee Retention Credit: Get the Pandemic Relief You Need

When the coronavirus pandemic plagued America, it presented a plethora of challenges that many businesses, both small and large, had to navigate through. Not only did it cause businesses to shut down, but it also forced many people out of work. To help with this, the government created the employee retention credit (ERC).

This credit was put in place to encourage employers to keep their employees on the payroll. So, what is this credit, and who qualifies for the employee retention tax credit? There is a lot of misinformation that is pausing businesses from checking with professionals that know the tax code.

Get The Pandemic Relief You Need

The employee retention credit offers significant relief to small businesses across the country. But, with extensions and changing regulations, knowing which companies and wages qualify can be challenging.

You are not disqualified if:

  • You had an increase in revenue
  • You are a nonprofit organization
  • You received a PPP loan

If you still have questions about getting employee retention credit for your business, contact us at ERC. We offer expert services and 100% IRS compliance to get your business the funds it’s entitled to.

Courtesy of Chamber & EDC member, Andrea Wacker, ERC Specialist | | 719-243-3174 |