March 13, 2019

Colorado Springs takes outdoor recreation to its peak

With the outdoor activities that Colorado Springs has to offer, there’s little room to wonder why businesses and residents love to call the Pikes Peak region home. Here, a passion for outdoor recreation is not just a way of life, but a significant economic driver. Did you know that Colorado Springs’s outdoor recreation fuels a robust sports industry that includes 23 national governing bodies (NGB) of sport, a rich research and development ecosystem?

Healthy, hospitable and competitive environment

As most sports fans know, the Winter and Summer Olympics are not only a coveted sporting event but a celebration of the world’s most talented athletes. What many people don’t know is that Colorado Springs has strong ties to the event that has the world watching in awe.

Naturally, Colorado Springs’s abundance of natural testing terrain, precision machining and community of athletes – amateurs to Olympians – make it ideal for housing athletes, sports committees and organizations. The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee, USA Cycling, USA Hockey and USA Swimming are just a few other NGB’s of sport located in Colorado Springs.

In addition, organizations like the Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreation Alliance (PPORA) are focused on promoting Colorado Springs outdoor recreation assets. In fact, PPORA is dedicated to shaping the future of Colorado Springs outdoor recreation industry by fostering an environment of unity and collaboration between leaders and companies throughout the region.

Housing the future of sports

However, in Colorado Springs, we do more than just enjoy sports and exercise, we house the industry’s future through R&D and by creating innovative products. Companies like Angletech Cycles and Borealis Fat Bikes have established operations in Colorado Springs for our pre-existing sports culture and now, they are further bolstering Colorado Springs robust sports industry. Colorado Springs-based startup Titan Robotics is also shaping the future of sport, with its 3D printed adaptive devices to support para-athletes and their performance.

Another revolutionary development is the game-changing Hybl Sports Medicine and Performance Center. Once completed in 2020, the center will become the city’s epicenter of education, research, clinical practice and medical care for the sports industry.

Hello sunshine

Thanks to 300-plus days of sunshine, every day is a great day to experience “adventure at its peak” in Colorado Springs. Here in Colorado Springs, wellness and healthy living are more accessible when compared to large cities such as New York and Boston.

From Manitou Springs to America’s Mountain, Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs is packed with outdoor adventures for families, friends, and thrill-seekers alike. Garden of the Gods is also a Colorado Springs staple. A testament to its popularity and awe-inspiring views, it was named the Best Free Attraction in the U.S. by USA Today and Social Impact Business of the Year by the Colorado Institute for Social Impact. Additionally, the Rocky Mountain National Park and Great Sand Dunes National Park are both just a few hours drive from Colorado Springs.

No matter what the season, sport or climate, Colorado Springs’s high-performing sports industry is nothing short of spectacular. Want to elevate your sense of adrenaline? Get in touch to learn more.