July 14, 2016

Colorado Springs Continues to Grow as an Internationally Recognized Aerospace Community

Colorado Springs' Aerospace Community

Colorado Springs and the surrounding region continues to rise in national and international rankings as one of THE hubs for Aerospace business.

After providing fDi Intelligence magazine, a division of the Financial Times Ltd, a great detail of information about our aerospace sector, we were notified that they have declared Colorado Springs one of eight global Aerospace Cities of the Future. In their article, fDi cites the size of our aerospace and defense sectors, proximity to military installations, specialized higher education programs offered, and the numerous economic incentives offered by local and state government to aerospace organizations.

Such recognition for our aerospace community and regional economy is due in large part to the work of our partner organizations like the Space Foundation. The Space Foundation continues to bring aerospace innovation to El Paso County. They recently released a video (posted below) highlighting the national Space Symposium as well as the work they are doing to advocate for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) education.

The Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance’s own Andy Merritt is featured in the video at 8:18 and again at 11:36.

The Regional Business Alliance looks forward to continuing our partnership with the Space Foundation and our many other aerospace members/investors to ensure that the Colorado Springs region remains an “Aerospace City of the Future.”